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What is the Best Dog Food for Boxers?

The Boxer is a lively and energetic breed that is known for its very distinct appearance. Their signature squashed face and naturally floppy ears make them a sought-after breed among dog enthusiasts. The medium-sized dog was initially developed in Germany during the 19th century. Their muscular bodies and energetic attitudes made them the perfect hunting companion. While […]

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How Big Will My Dog Get?

Having a new puppy in your home can be a great joy. Puppies are so full of life and ready to explore that many pet parents simply don’t want them to grow up. However, it’s important that you plan for the years ahead. Puppies grow up fast. Before you know it, they’ll be adults with size-specific […]

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5 Best Dry Dog Foods for Dachshunds

Dachshunds are one of the most recognizable dog breeds around. With their long bodies, stubby legs, and overall small stature, they’re lovingly referred to as a “Weiner Dog.”These small and lovable pups have an energetic personality to match their goofy looks. They can spend hours running and playing, making them the perfect addition to the […]

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How to Fatten Up a Dog Safely

While obesity is the primary concern for most dog owners, there are many instances in which a dog would need to gain weight. Many neglected dogs that end up in a shelter need to pack on the pounds. In other cases, health conditions and unhappiness may cause your dog get thin. Underweight dogs are susceptible […]

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Homemade Dog Food Recipes for Pitbulls

Pit Bulls are large and energetic dogs that require a wholesome diet to stay healthy. These dogs thrive off of protein and are known for their voracious appetites. While supermarkets and pet supply stores typically have a huge collection of formulas to choose from, many Pit Bull owners are making the switch to homemade food.A […]

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