Top 10 Best Luxury Leather Dog Collars

Last Updated: May 2, 2023

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Pup in the woods wearing a luxury dog collar

One of the most important things you can buy for your canine companion is their collar. Collars serve a number of different purposes. They're an instantly recognized sign that a dog belongs to someone.

Collars also hold those all-important tags your dog needs to stay safe. A quality collar will display their identification tags and rabies tag, dramatically improving the odds of a safe return

Finally, collars act as a way to keep your dog secure and attached to a leash on your daily walks. Needless to say, having a high-quality collar is a must-have.

There are plenty of utilitarian collars out there that are designed to serve their purpose.

While they certainly get the job done, why not get something with a bit more pizzaz?

Luxury leather collars give you the opportunity to express your dog's unique personality. These collars are beautifully designed. Some are even crafted by the biggest names in fashion.

In addition to keeping your dog safe, leather collars follow the latest trends to help you and your furry friend make a statement wherever you go. Here's a selection of some of the best luxury leather collars that are ready for the runway.

10 of the Best Luxury Leather Dog Collars

Hartman & Rose Leather Dog Collar with Nickel Plated Horse Bit Design

Hartman & Rose Leather Dog Collar with Nickel Plated Horse Bit Design - Belmont Collection Fancy Dog Collars

Made out of 100 percent Italian leather, this option from Hartman & Rose combines classic design with opulent style. It's available in a wide range of colors to suit your pup's unique personality. Multiple sizes are also available. 

The hardware is covered in a nickel finish that shines bright in the sunlight. On the front of the collar, there are two interlocking metal pieces. These pieces are used instead of a traditional D-ring to add some extra flair to the collar.

Perri's Havana Padded Leather Dog Collar

Perri's Havana Padded Leather Dog Collar

This leather collar from Perri is available in seven different color schemes. Most of the options combine the look of traditional leather with dyed leather. However, Perri offers a unique snakeskin option as well. The collar is made out of lambskin leather. 

The inside of the collar is padded for comfort so that your dog has no issue wearing it all day. The hardware is made out of solid brass. It's available in a number of sizes. The extra small version fits necks as small as 8 inches in diameter while the extra large one fits dogs with necks as large as 24 inches.

Soft Touch Collars Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collar

Soft Touch Collars Leather Two-Tone Padded Dog Collar

With a design that imitates a traditional belt, this collar from Soft Touch Collars has a rustic look that goes with anything. It's made out of genuine full-grain sheepskin leather. There are many color options to choose from. 

There's solid black and solid brown. If you want something more unique, two-tone variants offer pops of teal, pink, and coral. The inside of the collar is padded and the hardware is made out of solid brass. The brass is lacquered to prevent rusting.

Weaver Pet Deck Leather Dog Collar

Weaver Pet Deck Leather Dog Collar

Want a collar for those days on the lake or ocean? The Weaver Pet Deck leather collar may be for you. It has a nautical design complete with eyelets and leather stitching. Traditional colors like navy and tan ensure that your dog matches your own attire. 

Top-grain leather is used. The inside of the collar that touches your dog's neck is lined with upholstery leather for more comfort. All of the hardware is plated in nickel, including the D-ring for the tags.

Found My Animal Ombre Rope & Leather Dog Collar

Found My Animal Ombre Rope & Leather Dog & Cat Collar

Ombre is all the rage in fashion nowadays. The leather and rope collar from Found My Animal lets your dog get in on the trend too. The unique collar is made out of a thick nylon rope. On the ends, leather is used to create a traditional buckle. 

The nylon rope is twisted tightly for durability. The center of the rope is deeply pigmented with dye. The color slowly fades back to white on both ends, giving the collar that iconic ombre look. It's available in four different colors.

Auburn Luxury Italian Leather Tuscany Dog Collar

Luxury Italian Leather Tuscany Dog Collar

From Auburn Leathercrafters is this beautiful leather collar. It has a timeless and simple design that's easy to pair with other accessories. The Italian leather is soft and durable. The opposite side is fully lined as well to keep your pooch comfortable. 

A thick metal buckle and D-ring complete the design. The collar is available in a wide range of colors. Some of the options include traditional black, deep mossy green, and a fashionable mustard yellow.

Blueberry Pet 13 Colors Polyester Fabric Webbing and Soft Genuine Leather Dog Collar

Blueberry Pet 13 Colors Polyester Fabric Webbing and Soft Genuine Leather Dog Collars, Leashes

This collar from Blueberry Pet offers the best of both worlds. It has a genuine leather for a sophisticated touch and durable nylon webbing for comfort. The leather is used on the buckle portion and features thick stitching for added strength. 

Metal hardware is used. It's coated in a brass color to complement the leather material. The webbing is also quite tough. Despite its flexibility, the tight weave prevents accidental ripping. The collar is available in many different color combinations.

Viosi Genuine Kingston Luxury Leather Padded Dog Collar

Viosi Leather Padded Dog Collar - Made of Genuine Kingston Luxury Leather

Give your dog some western style with this leather collar from Viosi. It's made out of genuine buffalo hide leather. On the inside, padded leather is used to prevent any uncomfortable chaffing. A large brass buckle and durable D-ring are included. 

When it comes to style, this collar is very traditional. Viosi used unique stitching patterns to make the collar stand out. You can get colorful stitch designs, braided leather, and cool embroidery. The collar is not over the top, making it perfect for calm and collected pups.

chede Luxury Real Leather Dog Collar for Medium Dog Breeds

chede Luxury Real Leather Dog Collar- Handmade for Medium Dog Breeds with The Finest Genuine Leather Collar That is Stylish,Soft Strong and Comfortable

Every single one of these collars from chede is handmade. The attention to detail is evident on the stitching and rivets. While the previous collars all used traditional leather buckles to secure them on your dog, this one has a quick-release buckle. It's similar to those plastic buckles you see on cheaper collars. 

However, this one is made out of attractive brass-colored metal. Genuine leather is used for the collar portion. A comfortable lining is used as well. You can get the leather dyed in a few different colors.

Hartman & Rose Haute Couture Dog Collar, 12 to 14-Inch, Deco White Patent

Hartman & Rose Haute Couture Dog Collar, 12 to 14-Inch, Deco White Patent

This collar will have your dog dripping in jewels. The main collar is made out of Italian leather. The leather is dyed white. Italian metal hardware is also used. It's plated with 24-karat gold. On the center of the collar is a thick metal accent. 

It's filled with clear Swarovski crystals and is designed to look like a beautiful tennis bracelet. The applique utilizes 138 crystals, all set by hand. The attention to detail is stunning and will surely turn heads as you walk your dog.

The Perks of Leather

In human fashion, leather is one of the most opulent materials that money can buy. Top-tier designers offer leather goods that can cost several thousand dollars.

While you surely won't be paying that much for your dog's collar, luxury leather dog collars do come with a lot of the same benefits as these designer accouterments.

Leather isn't just beautiful. It's also incredibly rugged. The material is naturally thick. Before it's crafted into a collar, the leather is also heavily treated for longevity. While nylon and fabric collars are notorious for falling apart after only a few minutes of chewing, leather can withstand some wear and tear.

Furthermore, leather is naturally water resistant. Moisture will simply slide right off the surface, virtually eliminating the need to worry about mold and smells.

Most leather collars are also made with higher quality accessories. Buckles and clasp are almost always made with metal. Not only does metal add a stylish flair to the collar, but it also makes it incredibly durable.

It's true, leather collars do tend to cost a bit more than the alternatives. However, they're also capable of lasting for much longer. If you take good care of your dog's leather collar, it can last throughout their entire life.

Keeping a Leather Collar In Good Condition

Like all leather goods, your dog's collar needs to be taken care of. Depending on the type of leather used, you may need to follow specific care instructions. Check with the manufacturer for their recommended tips.

In most cases, caring for a leather collar involves regular cleaning and occasional conditioning. If the collar gets dirty or wet, wipe off any messes as soon as possible and let the accessory air dry. If your dog is very active, you may want to consider investing in a secondary collar.

Leather collars shouldn't be used for hiking, swimming, or long runs in the rain. Instead, they're designed to be used for special occasions and walks in moderate climates.

Conditioning is a great way to keep the leather material in good shape for many years. Designer handbags require conditioning to keep the material pliable and preserve the color. The same goes for your dog's collar.

Leather conditioner is very easy to find and even easier to use. Simply dampen a cloth with the conditioning liquid and rub the collar.

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Treat your dog and express your style with a luxury leather collar. These canine accessories are very unique and can set your dog apart from the crowd. They're also solidly built, making them a good investment that lasts.

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