Best Dog Walking Fanny Pack: 7 Waist Pouches for your Dog Treats

Updated: February 14, 2024

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It's time to walk your eager dog around the neighborhood for their morning walk! Before you head out the door, you run through a mental checklist of all the things you need to bring.

Fanny pack pouch for dog treats

You have the leash, the treats, the doggy bags to pick up messes. But wait! You can't forget about the bottle of water to keep your canine companion hydrated.

Also, remember to bring a ball or chew toy for them to chase around when you make a pitstop at the local dog park!

Once you gather all the essentials, you stuff it all in your pockets and get your excited dog ready to go. Then, it hits you. What about your must-haves?

Where will you put your phone, keys, wallet, and anything else you need on your walk?

walking a dog

There's a good chance you've been in this scenario before!

Going for a short walk seems like a quick and easy trip. But the reality is that you need to bring tons of gear with you!

You never know what you'll need, and it's better to have your bases covered.

If you're constantly jugging gear on your walks, it's time to invest in a fanny pack! 

Fanny packs wrap around your waist, acting like a kangaroo's pouch to hold at the necessities. Keep your treats nearby while having a hands-free walking experience!

There's no shortage of fanny packs out there. To make your search easier, here are seven of our favorites.

7 of the Best Dog Treat Fanny Packs for Dog Training / Walking

1.  Pounce & Fetch Treat & Training Waist Pouch

Pounce + Fetch Treat & Training Waist Pouch

This waist pouch from Pounce & Fetch is a no-frills choice for those who want to keep things simple. It's quite small, but that's a huge plus when you prefer to travel light.

The main compartment has a removable drawstring bag. It fits the fanny pack perfectly, but you can take it out for easy washing.

On the side, there's a small zippered compartment for extras. The pouch even has a built-in waste bag dispenser to ensure that you have them on hand at all times.

Overall, the fanny pack is well-built. It's easy to adjust and light enough for most to use.

2.  Leashboss PackUp Pouch Dog Treat Training Waist Belt, Storage Fanny Pack

Leashboss PackUp Pouch Dog Treat Training Waist Belt, Storage Fanny Pack and Waste Bag Dispenser

Here's a bag with a more traditional look. It has the same kangaroo pouch style as standard fanny packs. But, there's some separation for easy organization.

You get a large zippered compartment for treats and toys. A built-in waste bag dispenser and a mesh pocket are on the front.

There's a 7-inch flap that's perfect for most standard-sized phones on the inside. With the bag, you get two drawstring bags. They're a bit thicker and are ideal for holding onto messy items like waste bags or dirty towels.

3.  PetAmi Dog Fanny Pack, Treat Pouch for Dog Walking

PetAmi Dog Fanny Pack, Treat Pouch for Dog Walking, Training, Built in Poop Bag Dispenser, Water Bottle Holder, Collapsible Bowl, Pet Treat Waist Belt for Hiking, Running, Kibbles

The PetAmi fanny pack is for the dog owner on the go! Available in several colors, it's a versatile pouch you can wear around your waist or over your shoulder. Either way, it's full of organizational options.

The large inner compartment is massive. It has a mesh pocket for treats or other loose items. A waste bag dispenser is on the front inside another zippered pocket. Two mesh bottle holders flank both sides, while a clip-on drawstring bag is included for messy items.

4.  Kurgo RSG YORM Dog Treat Bag, Blue

Kurgo RSG YORM Dog Treat Bag, Blue

Check out this simple bag from Kurgo. It's a small treat bag that holds about 12 ounces of product. A drawstring closure keeps the food contained. On the backside, you'll find a discrete zippered compartment for keys and other loose items.

The cool thing about this Kurgo bag is that it's built for customization. MOLLE straps and a built-in carabiner let you attach all kinds of extras.

This pack is compatible with waist or shoulder straps of your choosing. Two buckles secure it to whatever belt you want, giving you ultimate flexibility.

5.  KONG On-The-Go Waist Pack, Gray

KONG On-The-Go Waist Pack, Gray

Kong is no stranger to creating great dog gear. This fanny pack is no different. It's a well-made accessory that offers plenty of storage options.

A spacious front pocket can fit your phone, keys, and other essentials. Meanwhile, an insert for treat bags is included to have rewards on hand.

You have a bag dispenser and a mesh pocket on either side of the main pocket. The straps are thick and durable. Plus, you get a Kong-branded buckle for easy adjustment and removal.

6.  Dog Walk Waist Fanny Pack Treat Pouch with Collapsible Water Bowl

Dog Walk Waist Fanny Pack Treat Pouch with Collapsible Water Bowl and Water Bottle Holder - Small

This bag looks like a tactical-style military bag with its many storage options. There's a large zippered pocket, two exterior compartments, a drawstring bottle holder, and several other small storage areas.

If you're someone who needs to organize everything, this bag is for you!

Like other pouches, this one comes with a built-in bag dispenser. There's also a removable treat bag that's easy to use and clean. The manufacturers even throw in a collapsible water bowl that you can clip on the side.

7.  PetSafe Mini Treat Pouch, Black

PetSafe Mini Treat Pouch, Black Puppy Chow Healthy Start Salmon Flavor Training Dog Treats, 7-oz pouch

The PetSafe mini treat pouch is another simple choice for dog owners looking to carry only the basics. It's a small bag you can hang on your hip. It won't weigh you down or add a ton of bulk, so it's a good choice for joggers or speed walkers.

The main compartment is spacious and easy to access. A couple of extra storage spots are included, too. They include a side clip, MOLLE-style hoops, and more. As for the exterior, it's made of water and stain-resistant fabric.

Do You Really Need a Dog Walking Fanny Pack?

Dog walking fanny packs are a must-have for any dog owner. It doesn't matter whether you have a tiny Chihuahua or a group of Huskies. Having the ability to walk hands-free is a game-changer.

Suddenly, the days of fumbling with tons of items in your hand while trying to manage an over-excited dog are over!

It's not just about convenience, though fanny packs offer tons of it. A waist pouch can help you and your dog stay safe.

Picture this:

You're juggling a ton of items in your hand when a large and aggressive dog strolls up and starts to act violently towards your dog.

Instead of having the means to separate the two, you end up dropping everything and tripping over yourself as you try to get away.

Dog barking at other dog during walk

The same kind of scenario can apply if your dog is the aggressor.

If your dog is a chronic puller, it can be a nightmare keeping them contained without having your hands accessible.

Here's another example of when having a fanny pack comes in handy. 

Say that you're trying to train your dog to understand simple commands. Treats play a big part in the training process.

But if you have to fumble or search for treats when they complete a successful training move, your dog might not make the connection

Suddenly, training becomes a lot harder than it should. With a fanny pack, you can have the treats right on your waist for easy and quick access.

Those are just a few reasons for having a fanny pack. The truth is that these bags are super handy to have. While not the most revolutionary accessory out there, they can make a world of difference on your daily walks.

Things to Look for in a High-Quality Fanny Pack Waist Pouch

Dog walking fanny pack waist pouches come in a slew of designs. Before you pick up the first choice you see, here are some things to consider and look for during your search.

Core Design

First things first: What type of fanny pack do you want? The traditional waist pouch looks like those iconic bags from the 80s and 90s. You know the ones! They wrap around your waist and have a spacious bag in the front for all the essentials.

Those types of bags are still around, but they're not your only choice. Some brands make bags that hang over the thigh. Others have bags that you can fling over your shoulder.

All of these designs work, so what's right for you is a matter of personal preference. Just make sure that wearing it will still keep your hands free.

Durable Materials

Durable materials are a must. In all likelihood, you won't put your walking fanny pack through the wringer.

It doesn't have to be damage-proof, but it will experience some wear and tear. A well-made bag should last a couple of years before it starts to show its age.

Look for thick materials like canvas or woven nylon. Reinforced stitching, heavy-duty buckles, and robust straps are all key features to look for.

Organization Options

Next, consider how you want to organize things. Are you someone who likes every item to have its place, or do you want a simple bag that you can toss everything into at once? Again, this is up to personal preference.

That said, we always recommend going with a waist pouch that has a few different compartments. That way, you can keep certain items separate and easily accessible.

Volume and Bulk

The next thing to think about is the overall capacity and size. Our tip is to get a bag that matches your body and your canine needs.

An oversized bag will probably be more cumbersome than anything else if you're a petite person. But in the same token, you need to have enough space for essentials.

The amount of gear you'll need for a single small dog is different than a pack of large dogs!

Keep all of that in mind when choosing a fanny pack.

Closure System

You'll find waist pouches with everything from buckles and drawstrings to full zippered closures. Pick one that's secure and easy to use with one hand.

Drawstring closures are great for treat compartments, but you'll have to remember the food is in there before hanging your bag up. Otherwise, you'll make a mess everywhere!

Maintenance Requirements

Is the bag easy to clean? You must remember that treats will go into this fanny pack. At some point, you'll need to clean it.

We always suggest getting a bag that has a separate liner for the treat compartment. Liners are usually moisture-proof, preventing oils from seeping into the bag's material. Plus, you can remove them for easy washing.

Adjustable Fit

Finally, don't forget about your own comfort. Adjustable straps will help you get the perfect fit around your waist. Look beyond sizing, too.

Added features like thick paneling and padded strap elements made all the difference.


Dog walking fanny packs might not be the most fashionable choice in the world. But with all the convenience they offer, you won't even care!

These simple accessories can make your life easier, turning frustrating walk experiences into carefree moments of fun with your dog!


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