Top 10 Best Leather Dog Leashes

Last Updated: February 14, 2024

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dog wearing a durable leather dog leash

Of all the materials you can choose for your dog's leash, leather is one of the best! There's a reason why leather goods are in such high demand. Not only do they look great, but they're capable of lasting your dog's entire life with proper care.

A high-quality leather leash is an investment that adds a touch of polish to your daily walks.

Compared to synthetic materials, leather doesn't start to look dingy after a few months. In fact, leather only gets better with age. It softens up without losing any of its durability.

As a result, it feels better in your hand as time goes on. Yet, it'll keep your dog contained no matter what. Whether you own a tiny Pomeranian or a robust German Shepherd, leather leashes are the way to go! 

Ready to invest in your dog's safety? We've compiled a list of the best leather dog leashes on the market. From standard cowhide leather to intricate braided or rolled leashes,

here are some leather leashes money can buy.

10 of the Best Leather Dog Leashes for Your Pooch

1. Soft Touch Collars Leather Braided Two-Tone Handle Dog Leash

Soft Touch Collars Leather Braided Two-Tone Handle Dog Leash

From Soft Touch Collars is this beautiful leather leash. It's one of the best on the market because it manages to combine luxury with rugged appeal. 

It's made from genuine full-grain leather. This isn't a product that's made by machine either. The entire accessory is handmade and hand-stitched.

The attention to detail is impeccable. The braided pattern adds a touch of class and visual interest. Meanwhile, the hand loop is built to provide as much comfort as possible.

Instead of chaffing and the dreaded "leash burn," this unit is like holding onto a designer bag. The loop has sheepskin leather lining to ensure that it's soft and comfortable to use.

The leather is naturally tanned and fully sealed. While it does require some upkeep, the material is capable of lasting a very long time. Pair that with the solid brass hardware, and you have a leash that won't let you down.

2. Dogs My Love 6 Way European Multifunctional Leather Dog Leash

Dogs My Love 6 Way European Multifunctional Leather Dog Leash

Next up, we have this innovative leash from Dogs My Love. This accessory isn't like your standard lead. It's a multifunctional leash that you can use in six different ways! 

With one product, it's like you own six different leashes. Just change the configuration, and it easily adapts to your needs.

Are you walking two dogs? No worries! The leash instantly transforms into a double lead. Need to tie your dog to a post while you pop into the store? The leather leash can do that, too.

You can also adjust the length or wear it around your shoulder.

Multiple metal loops and a unique clasp system allow you to configure this accessory however you see fit. Thanks to its genuine leather build, it provides some impressive durability across the board.

3. Perri's Havana Padded Leather Dog Leash

Perri's Havana Padded Leather Dog Leash

Check out this leather dog leash from Perri's Leather. It's on the simpler side as far as design goes. However, that doesn't mean it's any less beautiful. 

The craftsmanship speaks for itself. It's Amish-made, ensuring that you're getting top-notch quality. Made of genuine leather, it has all the durability to match, too.

The leather is dyed a deep Havanna color. It brings out the natural grain of the material. Plus, it goes with just about anything.

The leash complements Perri's leather collar, but you can also use it with any standard harness or accessory.

Soft lambskin padding lines the hand loop. You can also find some lining the section near the clasp. This ensures that it doesn't cause accidental chaffing if the leash rubs against your dog's back.

4. Soft Touch Collars Leather Braided Two-Tone Dog Leash

Soft Touch Collars Leather Braided Two-Tone Dog Leash

Here's another excellent choice from Soft Touch Collars. The two-toned leash mixes fun colors with all-natural leather. You can get the leash in turquoise and beige, two-tone pink, or gray and blue. 

The braided sections accentuate the color combinations and add a nice touch of whimsy to the design. As far as quality goes, Soft Touch Collars hit it out of the park. 

Like other products from this brand, the leash is made of genuine full-grain leather. It's pretty strong and can hold up well to even the most determined dog.

To avoid pain and irritation on your skin, the hand loop is lined with sheepskin leather. It's plush and feels lovely to hold. It's a subtle addition that makes a world of difference!

The hardware is all solid metal. It's engineered to provide even more strength. Plus, the protective treatment prevents rusting.

5. Euro-Dog Leather Dog Leash

Euro-Dog Leather Dog Leash

Check out this sophisticated-looking leash from Euro-Dog. It's inspired by European fashion, which is evident through the stitching and hardware. 

However, it's all made in the United States with genuine American leather. The full-grain leather is soft and plush. But, it has the durability to rival heavy-duty leather tools.

The leash is available in a slew of colors. Muted tones like black, brown, and navy offer a touch of class. Meanwhile, the more vibrant hues like coral and tan improve visibility during day and night walks.

Every color has complimentary stitching. The stitchwork adds tons of fashion-forward style. Not only that, but it reinforces the material and provides additional strength. The same goes for the hardware, which is all premium European steel.

6. Soft Touch Collars Leather Braided Traffic Handle Dog Leash, 6-ft, 3/4-in

Soft Touch Collars Leather Braided Traffic Handle Dog Leash, 6-ft, 3 4-in

This model looks strikingly similar to other Soft Touch Collars products. It has the same premium build quality and materials, too. It's made from genuine full-grain leather and benefits from personal handmade construction!

The main difference with this model is the addition of a traffic handle. Located just above the clip, the traffic handle is all about providing additional safety and control.

When walking in busy streets, it's better to hold your dog close. All it takes is one moment of poor judgment and a lack of control to experience an accident.

With the traffic handle, you can get a quick hold of your dog and pull them close. Have your pup walk by your side as you cross streets, meander down crowded sidewalks, and more.

The handle is integrated into the collar with braiding, so you don't lose that signature detail that makes these collars so beautiful.

7. Buddy Belts Accent Leather & Nylon Dog Leash

Buddy Belts Accent Leather & Nylon Dog Leash

This leather collar is a little different compared to our other recommendations. It's not made entirely of leather. Instead, this model combines the resilience of leather with the flexibility and cost-effective durability of nylon.

Nylon is a synthetic material that pairs well with leather. For this collar, all of the critical bits are made of 100 percent genuine leather. You'll find the material on the hand loop and the end of the lead holding the clip. Everything else is strong nylon webbing.

The leather is double layered on the hand loop for comfort. Tough stitching is utilized, too, to prevent fraying, punctures, and general damage.

You can get the collar in a handful of bright and muted colors. It's also available in two widths, making it easy to get the durability you need to contain your dog.

8. Weaver Pet Deer Ridge Leather Dog Leash

Weaver Pet Deer Ridge Leather Dog Leash

Take one look at this leash from Weaver Pet. It's not hard to see why so many dog owners love it! The leather is beefy! It's far thicker than what you see on cheaper collars. 

The thickness provides impeccable durability and makes the leash suitable for strong dogs.

The entire leash is made of single-ply leather, which only makes it more impressive than it already is!  The reason why it's so thick is that Weaver Pet uses leather that usually goes to horse harnesses. 

The material is selected because it can withstand tons of wear and tear. If it's good enough for controlling a horse, it's more than capable of containing your dog!

Heavy-duty brass hardware keeps the leash together. The same material for the rivets is used for the swiveling clip, too. On the hand loop, you'll find a lining of deerskin leather.

9. OmniPet Round Latigo Leather Dog Leash, 4-ft

OmniPet Round Latigo Leather Dog Leash, 4-ft

Here's a design you don't see very often in dog leashes. Usually, leather leashes are flat to work with the unique nature of the material. However, OmniPet took a different approach with this model.

The hand loop is flattened and features a comfortable lining that prevents chafing. But, the length of the leash is cylindrical.

It has a rope-like core that provides additional strength. A single stitch on the bottom holds the entire thing together. It looks unique, and the single stitch point leaves less room for accidental damage or ripping.

The hardware doesn't disappoint either. It's nickel-plated and does a fine job of keeping your dog tethered. The leash is available in two colors and measures roughly four feet long.

10. Logical Leather Dog Leash, 6-ft

Logical Leather Dog Leash, 6-ft

The six-foot leash from Logical Leather is simple. However, it's pretty tough despite the uncomplicated construction. 

According to Logical Leather, the leash is capable of withstanding over 245 pounds of pulling force! That's way more force than most dogs can produce.

As a result, you can rest easy knowing that your pup is secure no matter how hard they pull.

The entire leash is made from a single piece of genuine full-grain leather. It naturally resists moisture and feels plush in hand.

The hand loop doesn't have any special lining or additional padding. But, that doesn't mean that the leash is uncomfortable. The wide strip of leather provides plenty of traction. Over time, it softens and molds to your hand for an even better walking experience!

Nickel-plated brass is used for the hardware. It's robust and does its job to keep your dog secure.


There you have it! Any one of these leather leashes will continue to serve you and your dog for years to come. Splurge a little and invest in something that lasts! You won't regret it.


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