Top 9 Best Pet Collar Cameras & Harness Cams for Your Dog

Last Updated: May 2, 2023

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Imagine being able to get a dogs-eye view of the world. While your canine companion may share the same environment and experiences as you, they have a much different perspective. The best collar and harness cams can pick up some of those experiences and save precious memories for years to come.

These aren't your ordinary cameras. They're specially-made to attach directly to your pup's collar or harness. 

dog with a camera attached to his neck collar

Because of dogs' penchant for messes and rugged play, most of these cameras are built to withstand a lot of wear and tear. They can pick up what your dog sees without the added risk of damage.

There's no shortage of unique pet cameras on the market. We've rounded up a collection of some of the best so that you can start collecting pictures and videos in no time.

9 of the Best Dog Collar Cameras & Harnesses

1. Uncle Milton Pet's Eye View Camera

Uncle Milton Pet's Eye View Camera

If you're on a strict budget, this camera from Uncle Milton is a great choice. It's a simple device that doesn't have any video-recording functionality. However, don't let that turn you away. It can capture images with a resolution of 640 by 480 pixels. This is perfect for printing out standard 4 by 6 prints.

The camera is made out of plastic. It's relatively small and lightweight enough to not be bothersome for your dog. Just clip it on your pup's collar and set the image capture interval. You can set it to take pictures every minute. Or, you can adjust the camera to take pictures every 5 or 15 minutes. Then, simply connect the camera to your computer to see what your dog sees.

2. Digital Pet Collar Cam Camera DVR Video Recorder Monitor For Dog Cat Puppy Black

Digital Pet Collar Cam Camera DVR Video Recorder Monitor For Dog Cat Puppy

Here's another affordable option to consider. It's capable of capturing still images and recording videos. The battery life is pretty decent. With a full charge, you have about an hour and a half of constant recording time to work with. It comes with its own collar, so you can easily pop the camera on when you want to start recording.

This device has a handy LCD screen on the back. You can use it to change between video or photo mode. It'll also provide you with recording times so that you know how much storage you have left. Speaking of which, this camera has a small MicroSD card slot on the side. You can use any compatible card to get as much storage as you need.

3. Wireless Mini Portable Wi-Fi Camera HD 1080P Live Streaming via Android/iOS APP

Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Security Camera Mini Portable Wi-Fi Cam HD 1080P Covert Secret Nanny Cameras for Home, Office Monitor Video Recorder Live Streaming via Android/iOS APP

This tiny camera is a multi-purpose device that's packed with plenty of useful features. Despite its small size, it's capable of recording full 1080p video! When fully charged, you can record continuously for up to 3 hours as well.

The front of the camera features a light sensor and a night vision light. The sensor works to ensure that you can pick up fine details regardless of the lighting conditions. It also acts as a motion detector. When not on your dog's collar, the camera will provide another layer of security for your home. You can set it to send security alerts to your phone whenever motion is detected.

4. hoSecurity Digital Pet Collar Camera DVR Video Monitor for Dogs

Digital Pet Collar Cam Camera DVR Video Recorder Monitor for Dog Cat Puppy Black

The hosecurity collar camera is a simple little device. It comes with a collar. Though, you can easily slip the gadget off and use it with your dog's existing collar if you prefer. Overall, the camera is quite small. The plastic construction helps to keep the weight down, too.

Simple controls and an LCD screen are located on the back. There, you can get pertinent recording information and set up the system to operate how you want. Set it to capture images or start recording immediately. All media files are stored on a MicroSD card, which you can pop in on the side. There's also a micro USB port on the bottom for charging or viewing videos on a PC.

5. Uncle Milton - Pet's Eye View Camera

Uncle Milton - Pet's Eye View Camera

This camera lets you get a unique perspective without breaking the bank. It's an incredibly affordable camera that doesn't require any additional accessories to use.

While it won't record videos, the camera can pick up clear photos. You don't even need to invest in a storage device! It has built-in storage that can hold up to 40 images.

The camera is very lightweight and easy to use. You can clip it onto your dog's collar and set the camera functionality. The device can be programmed to take images every 1, 5, or 15 minutes.

Dog Harnesses with Action Camera Mounts

6. GoPro Fetch Dog Harness (All GoPro Cameras) - Official GoPro Mount

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness (All GoPro Cameras) - Official GoPro Mount

Already own a GoPro action camera? Check out this harness. It's a versatile accessory that includes two different mounts. You can choose to use both at the same time to get overhead and frontal shots of your dog's surroundings.

This harness can fit dogs between 15 and 120 pounds. If you have a smaller pup, you can easily remove the chest piece to keep things comfortable for your pup. For peace of mind, the harness is padded on several key areas to reduce friction. The mounts also have a quick-release function to provide immediate relief if your dog starts to get a little fussy.

7. SmilePowo Dog Harness Mount Chest Pet Vest for GoPro Hero

SmilePowo Dog Harness Mount Chest Back Strap Belt Pet Vest for GoPro Hero 8 7 6 5 4 3 Max Black Hero 2018 Session Fusion Silver White Insta360 DJI AKASO Xiaomi DBPOWER Action Camera for Dog Night Walk

The SmilePowo harness is a heavy-duty accessory that comfortably mounts a camera on your dog's back. It's compatible with a range of different cameras. This includes many popular GoPro models.

The harness itself is very well-built. Nylon, denim, and mesh are used throughout. There are two neck straps and two chest straps. Each one is completely adjustable so that you can get a snug fit. Ample padding is located throughout the harness as well to keep comfort issues to a minimum.

For added protection, the harness has reflective stitching as well. Of course, leash rings are included so that you can keep your dog contained there's one on the front and one on the back for versatility.

8. Sony AKADM1 Action Camera Mount for Dogs (Black Yellow)

Sony AKADM1 Action Camera Mount for Dogs (Black Yellow)

This particular harness is compatible with many of Sony's action cameras. It's a relatively simple accessory, but it's designed to be comfortable and easy to use. There's a large base panel that goes on top of your dog's back. Support straps then loop around your pup's chest and neck to keep the panel in place.

The cool thing about this harness is that it props the camera up to provide a good vantage point. The camera mount allows you to secure the camera in place and adjust the angle to get the optimal shot. A quick-release clip removes the mount in an instant for convenience.

9. Vivitar VIV-APM-7812 Pro Series Dog Back Mount for GoPro & All Action Cameras

Vivitar VIV-APM-7812 Pro Series Dog Back Mount for GoPro & All Action Cameras (Black)

The Vivitar harness is another option that's well-suited for getting the perfect shooting angle. Like the previous model, it features a large panel and a couple of straps to keep things secure. This panel is made out of thick rubber. It has a slight curve and is pliable enough to follow the contours of your dog's body.

The mount on top of the panel is very durable. It's made of metal and can be adjusted in several ways. The mount raises your camera several inches off your dog's back to ensure that their head doesn't get in the way too much. It uses a universal mounting system, so it's compatible with all action cameras.

Why Buy a Pet Collar or Harness Camera

Who doesn't want to see what their canine companion does all day? Truth is, collar and harness cameras are a unique investment that's all about creating memories and picking up some stellar shots.

While traditional videos and photos can certainly provide a lasting memory of your pet that you can cherish, these cameras take things a step further.

By mounting a camera directly to your pup, you're able to see how they interact with the world around them. You can see them go to their favorite spot in your home and watch them look for you whenever you call their name.

All of those interesting personality quirks are picked up along the way. You can see every reaction, every point of distraction, and every weird habit. There's no better way to truly capture your dog's essence than by putting the camera at their vantage point.

Capture Captivating Works of Art

These cameras are great if you're looking to capture some captivating works of art. There are tons of photographers and videographers out there who have let their furry friends run free with a camera. It has resulted in out-of-this-world shots you could never get on your own.

Whether you have a tiny Pomeranian or an athletic Greyhound, they're more capable of getting into tight spots. Let your pup explore the beach or a mountainside and you're bound to capture some amazing shots.

Finally, collar and harness cams offer a sense of added security. Many models feature remote viewing options and two-way audio. They let you check up on your pet while you're away. Thanks to the unique vantage point, you can see what they're up to and ensure that they're staying out of trouble!

Important Things to Think About

Don't just run out and pick up the first collar or harness camera you see! Like any other pet accessory, these gadgets come in a bevy of designs. You're bound to come across several models that just aren't up to snuff. Before you commit to a camera, there are some things you need to consider.

Picture Quality

One of the first things to look at is the camera's resolution. Low-resolution cameras are a dime a dozen. While they may be cheap, they don't offer much in terms of picture quality.

Instead of picking up beautiful details in your videos and photos, you're going to be left with fuzzy shapes and a ton of artifacts.

To provide respectable picture quality, the camera should be able to record in at least 720p resolution. Full 1080p is even better. 1080p HD video is best if you plan on uploading to social media or streaming sites.

Some 4K cameras are available as well if you want to go all out. These cameras pick up the finest detail possible. But, they do require a lot of storage space and a 4K-capable screen to view.

Storage Options

Speaking of storage space, you need to make sure that you're camera has enough to accommodate your needs. Some cameras on the market have built-in storage so that you can start recording straight out of the box.

Typically, you must plug the device into a computer to upload videos for sharing.

While that storage method is convenient at first, we always recommend going with a gadget that has removable storage. Luckily, many modern collar cameras have space for a MicroSD card. You can easily swap out cards to obtain the storage capacity you need.

Keep in mind, that a full 1080p video recorded at 60 frames per second will require about 200 MB of space for a single minute! So, the more storage space you have the better.

Wide-Angle View

On standard cameras, a narrow viewing angle of 40 to 50 degrees is pretty common. You're able to compose your shot how you want, so it isn't a huge issue. However, collar and harness cameras need something a bit wider to capture all of the action.

Your dog is going to be exploring, running around, and seeing different environments. A wide-angle view ensures that every detail is included.


The weight of the camera is an important thing to consider. Cameras come in a range of sizes and designs. It's a good idea to match the weight and size of the camera to your pup. For example, if you have a tiny Chihuahua, it's best to stick to smaller cameras.

Larger systems will weigh your dog down. They could be cumbersome and make walking around a bit difficult for your dog. With prolonged use, they may even become downright painful to use!

Keep your pup's size in mind and choose a camera that your dog won't even notice they are wearing.


Earlier, we mentioned that most collar and harness cameras are built to be tough. Don't assume that every camera is going to have the same level of protection!

Manufacturers may skimp on quality to keep costs down. However, solid construction is paramount with anything that your pup is going to be interacting with.

Look for solid materials, such as heavy-duty plastic, and waterproof construction. Those features will keep the camera's components safe from bumps and slobber.

Battery Capacity

Generally, small portable cameras aren't known for having the best camera life. This is especially true if the device is recording high-definition video. That said, decent battery life will allow you to record hours of footage without having to carry around the charger.

We recommend going with a camera that has at least 2 hours of battery life.

Smartphone Connectivity

Many cameras these days are capable of connecting to a smartphone. This offers tons of convenience. Not only can you view videos, but some brands even let you view a live feed. If you get a camera with smartphone integration, make sure that it's compatible with your mobile device before you make a purchase.


Whether you choose to get a simple collar camera or a heavy-duty harness with a camera that has all the bells and whistles, this is an investment that you're going to joy. You can't put a price tag on memories with your dog. With one of these cameras, you can capture memorable moments that will stay with you forever.

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