Top 5 Best Outdoor Dog Urine Odor Eliminators of 2023

Last Updated: May 6, 2023

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When it's time to start enjoying your backyard during the warmer seasons, the last thing you want is to deal with the pungent odor of dog urine! Unfortunately, dog pee tends to stick around and waft through the air. When you add summer heat to the mix, the problem only gets worse!

Nothing puts a damper on backyard barbecues and tailgating parties quicker than the remnants of dog waste. So, what are you to do?

Dog smells the odor of dog urine in the lawn

You can't very well stop your dog from doing its business outside. While you could designate a "dog potty" area, that's not going to do much to limit the smell.

Fortunately, some products can help with this unique problem.

Outdoor dog urine odor eliminators tackle the root cause of the smell. They treat the urine even after it seeps into the soil. Best of all, it doesn't harm your yard! Odor eliminators remove virtually all traces that your dog was there, ensuring that you have a pristine yard that's ready for outdoor fun.

Check out our top picks for the best outdoor dog urine odor eliminators below.

5 of the Best Outdoor Dog Urine Odor Eliminators

1. Smelleze Natural Yard Odor Removal Deodorizer Granules

Smelleze Natural Yard Odor Removal Deodorizer Granules

The Smelleze yard deodorizer is a unique product that works a little differently than most. It comes in the form of granules and acts like a sponge to soak up odor-causing bacteria.

To use it, spread the granules throughout the offending area. It doesn't matter if the product gets wet. It explicity targets urine and eradicates the smell without using a drop of chemicals.

It's all-natural and completely safe for your family. You can even use it on artificial grass, gravel, and other unconventional outdoor spaces.

2. NaturVet Yard Odor Eliminator, 32-oz bottle

NaturVet Yard Odor Eliminator, 32-oz bottle

Check out this easy-to-use odor eliminator from NaturVet. It comes in concentrated liquid form. Using it is as easy as connecting a standard water hose! 

The nozzle automatically dilutes the product, allowing you to spray your entire yard in minutes. The odor eliminator is enzyme-based. It's safe and works well on a wide variety of surfaces.

In addition to grass and soil, you can spray patios, wooden decks, and even kennels. The non-toxic formula is safe and surprisingly effective at removing smells.

3. NaturVet Yard Odor Eliminator Plus with Citronella, 32-oz bottle

NaturVet Yard Odor Eliminator Plus with Citronella, 32-oz bottle

Here's another excellent choice from NaturVet. This one has the same great base formula as before. Plus, it comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle for quick application.

The primary difference with this formula is the addition of citronella oil. The oil adds a pleasant citrus fragrance to the area. It smells natural, so there's no need to worry about any artificial aromas.

Best of all, the citronella oil naturally deters pests! It works to keep bugs and flies out of the area while also neutralizing odors from both urine and feces.

4. Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator Spray, 24-oz bottle

Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator Spray, 24-oz bottle

The Angry Orange pet odor eliminator is a good universal option to have on hand. It's an industrial-strength product that reportedly offers twice the neutralizing scent as other sprays.

This spray isn't restricted to outdoor use only. It's an all-purpose product that you can use inside, too. Spray it on furniture, floors, and toys to get rid of smells. It even works to eradicate airborne odors.

Outside, the product works to kill odor-causing bacteria in the soil. It contains orange peel and orange oil. You can expect a natural citrus scent after application.

5. Rocco & Roxie Supply Co. Professional Strength Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator

Rocco & Roxie Supply Co. Professional Strength Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator

If you need a heavy-duty spray, this one from Rocco & Roxie Supply Co. has you covered! It's another multipurpose spray that you can use anywhere. Both inside and out, it'll work to remove stains and eradicate smells.

The spray is highly concentrated and features bio-enzymatic ingredients. Upon contact, the enzymes make quick work of odor-causing bacteria. The formula targets all organic matter like waste and ammonia crystals.

You don't have to worry about toxicity with this product. It's chlorine-free and doesn't contain any harmful propellants. As a result, it's safe to use around pets and children. Spray it outside on pee patches to take care of smells once and for all!

Why Use Dog Urine Odor Eliminators?

Odor eliminators are a bit of a niche product that not too many dog owners use. But ask anyone that does use them, and they'll tell you that it was one of the best landscaping decisions they ever made!

Dog urine isn't supposed to have a super-strong odor. A potent ammonia smell could be a sign of disease or dehydration.

While you usually can't smell your dog's urine after one session outside, things start to go south after repeated trips. You see, dogs like to do their business in the same spot every day.

Peeing is a form of marking. It's your dog's way of saying, "This is my spot!" So, they tend to stick to the same area.

After several days, that faint urine smell becomes a malodorous nightmare! The accumulation of enzymes in the urine creates a pungent odor that doesn't go away.

Dog urinating in the yard leaving an odor

Odor eliminators, however, get rid of the smell once and for all! Not only does it eradicate the immediate issue, but it also prevents your dog from using the same spot over and over again.

As a result, you can avoid future odor problems in the future.

There are other ways to control urine smells outside. However, a yard deodorizer is the most effective.

The go-to for most is to spray the lawn down with water. Doing so dilutes the accumulated urine enzymes to reduce the smell. But it doesn't get rid of it completely.

Your dog will still work to strengthen their mark, making this technique temporary at best.

Urine yard deodorizers are the only way to eradicate the smell and prevent your yard from becoming a pungent mess.

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How Do Odor Eliminators Work?

How to get rid of dog urine smell outside? It's as easy as spreading an odor eliminator.

These products come in one of two forms. You can buy them as small granules or concentrated liquid. The two forms are equally as effective. The only difference is how you apply them!

With granules, you must spread the product over the soil where it can break down over time. For concentrate, you must dilute the product and spread it throughout the lawn like a liquid fertilizer.

Either way, odor eliminators work by infusing your yard with beneficial enzymes. Enzymes are tiny microorganisms that work to break down the root cause of the smell: Bacteria!

The enzymes digest the odor-causing bacteria, leaving behind an odor-free landscape.

Most products continue to work for several weeks, providing long-lasting results! Some can even treat discoloration in your grass.

The Bottom Line

Outdoor dog urine odor eliminators aren't the only way to get rid of that awful smell your pup leaves behind. However, they're certainly one of the most effective!

These products are highly efficient and can help you have an odor-free yard that's ready for enjoyment by both humans and canines.


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