Top 9 Best Outdoor Dog Tie Outs and Stake Options

Last Updated: May 5, 2023

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Letting your dog out to play and enjoy the fresh air is essential. Pups love to be outdoors. Aside from daily walks and short play sessions with their owners, having some alone time outside is a great way to let your furry friend do some exploring while getting some much-needed exercise.

Unfortunately, not everyone is capable of just letting their dog run free. If you're unable to put up a fence, giving your pup some free time outside requires a bit more preparation. Security and safety are key. You can't just let your dog outside without any methods of containment, so what do you do?

Well, you can utilize a tie-out and stake. 

Dog attached to a tie out cable

A tie-out is a good temporary solution that gives your dog some freedom without running the risk of them going beyond the confines of your yard. 

They can be anchored anywhere and don't do any permanent damage, which is a big perk if you're in a rental or live in an area with strict landscaping rules.

Tie-outs have been around for decades, so there's no shortage of options for you to choose from. That said, you need to put some thought into finding the right one for your property and pooch.

Here are some of the best tie-ours and stake options to get you started on your search.

9 of the Best Dog Tie-Outs and Stakes for Outdoors (Camping, Backyard, etc)

1. Pet Champion Aerial Trolley System with Runner Dog Cable, 60-ft

Pet Champion Aerial Trolley System with Runner Dog Cable, 60-ft

The Pet Champion trolley system can give your dog up to 1,200 square feet of room to roam! The main cable is made out of durable steel. There's also a vinyl cover to protect the metal from the elements. 

The primary tethering cable measures 60 feet long. It has durable clamps, stoppers, and a spring system to ensure that the cable remains taught.

This tethering line needs to be placed approximately 6 feet off the ground. You can then attach the 10-foot runner cable to your dog's collar or harness and let them have fun!

2. Four Paws Medium Weight Tie Out Cable

Four Paws Medium Weight Tie Out Cable

This simple tie-out cable doesn't come with a stake. However, it's compatible with any ground stake or anchor. The cable attaches to a stake via a bronze clip. The clip swivels to avoid tangling and is attached to a separate spring system to avoid sudden strain on your dog's neck.

The cable itself is made out of aircraft cable. It's strong enough to support dogs up to 50 pounds. For added durability, the cable has a smooth vinyl coating. Not only does it protect against the weather, but it also prevents fraying.

3. Four Paws Heavy Weight Overhead Trolley Exerciser

Four Paws Heavy Weight Overhead Trolley Exerciser

Next up, we have this pulley system from Four Paws. It's available in three different lengths to suit your needs. The longest option is 100 feet, which is ideal for creating a long dog run! The system is very easy to set up. It can be placed between two strong trees or wooden posts. 

The included screw hooks anchor the tether line to the posts. You can make fine adjustments on one end with the metal clamps. The main cable line and the runner cable are made out of metal that's coated in vinyl. The runner can keep dogs over 50 pounds contained without any issues.

4. Four Paws Super Weight Tie Out Cable

Four Paws Super Weight Tie Out Cable

Available in 15 and 20-foot lengths, this tie-out can be used with any stake or anchor point. The unique thing about this particular tie-out is that it's weighted. The metal cable is thicker than most options you'll see on the market. Thus, it's perfect for large dog breeds that are too strong for thinner options.

Galvanized steel is used. The cable is rust-resistant on its own. However, the manufacturers applied a vinyl coating to add even more protection against the elements.

5. Boss Pet Prestige Dog Tie-Out, Super Beast, Black

Boss Pet Prestige Dog Tie-Out, Super Beast, Black

Have an extremely strong dog that likes to pull? Check out this tie-out from Boss Pet. It's a maximum-strength tie-out that can keep dogs up to 250 pounds contained!

The steel cable is noticeably thick, ensuring that your dog stays where they are supposed to. Thanks to the vinyl coating this cable can hold up to years of use without fraying or rusting. It's available in three different lengths and attaches to stakes or anchors with swivel clips.

6. Boss Pet Prestige Dog Tie-Out with Spring, Beast, Silver

Boss Pet Prestige Dog Tie-Out with Spring, Beast, Silver

Here's another heavy-duty model from Boss Pet. It's available in lengths up to 40 feet, which is suitable for larger yards. While no stake is included with this tie-out, it is compatible with any robust anchor point. It attaches with swivel clips. There's also a metal spring to absorb shocks whenever your dog pulls.

Like the other tie-out from Boss Pet, this unit is made out of steel cable that's coated in protective vinyl. It's strong enough to secure dogs that weigh up to 125 pounds.

7. Pet Champion Spiral Stake & Tie-Out Dog Cable Combo, Medium, 25-ft

Pet Champion Spiral Stake & Tie-Out Dog Cable Combo, Medium, 25-ft

Check out this full tie-out kit from Pet Champion. It includes both the tie-out and the stake so that you can get set up quickly and efficiently. The stake measures 18 inches long and features a spiral design. Turn it like a screw to stick it into the ground. The spiral design will anchor it down.

The tie-out is 25 feet long. It's made out of steel cable. A reflective vinyl coating protects against moisture. It also improves visibility at night.

8. IntelliLeash Intelli-Stayk Surface-Lock Dog Tie-Out Stake

IntelliLeash Intelli-Stayk Surface-Lock Dog Tie-Out Stake

You can rest easy knowing that your dog is secure with this stake from IntelliLeash. It's a strategically designed stake that's purpose-built to prevent unanchoring. There are a couple of unique features worth mentioning.

First, the main stake is made out of thick chrome-plated steel. It's about 10 millimeters thick, which prevents bending. The stake is also spiraled and has an easy-turn handle on top to get it into the ground efficiently. On the upper part of the spiral, you'll find the surface-lock cup. It prevents tangling while also grabbing the soil for an even stronger grip.

9. Petmate Easyturn Stake with Cable Corkscrew Dog Tie Out up to 100 pounds

Petmate Easyturn Stake with Cable Corkscrew Dog Tie Out Domed Handle Holds up to 100 Pounds

The EasyTurn tie-out from Petmate is designed to support dogs up to 100 pounds. It includes a durable corkscrew-style stake. To make getting the stake into the ground a bit easier, Petmate integrated a handle on top. It's coated in rubber to improve your grip and give you more torque.

The stake comes with a 20-foot cable. The cable is coated in rubber and attaches to the stake with a simple clip. One thing we like about this kit is that the stake has a 360-degree swivel ring. This small detail does a lot to prevent tangling.

The Benefits of Using Tie-Outs and Stakes

Tie-outs serve a very practical purpose: to keep your dog safe. Canines are curious creatures that will not hesitate to explore beyond your property. If given the chance, they will roam into the next yard or across the street.

Needless to say, this is very dangerous. Without some form of containment, your dog has a serious risk of getting injured, lost, or stolen.

A tie-out is like a leash. It anchors them to one spot while still giving them the freedom they need to do their own thing outside. You'll often see tie-outs being used in yards that have no fences. However, you could use them in other areas as well. 

They're a great choice for camping sites or any other area where you can't put up a fence. Tie-outs and stakes are both relatively easy to carry, making them a good portable containment method.

Types of Tie-Outs and Stakes That are Available

There are a few different tie-out options available. They all serve the same purpose, but small design differences could affect their strength and performance.

Dog Chains for Yards

Chains are one of the oldest tie-out options out there. These are simple metal chains made up of several links. Chains do a pretty good job of keeping dogs contained. Plus, they can be anchored to pretty much anything.

The only downside is that they are prone to premature damage. Weather can oxidize the metal and damage the links. As the saying goes, "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link." When one of the links gives out, you will need to replace the entire thing.

Dog Tie-Out Cables

Tie-out cables are very strong. They're made up of the same cables used in construction projects. Small metal fibers are braided or twisted together to create a thicker cable. Typically, the metal is then covered in a rubber coating for protection.

These are great for strong dogs that are prone to pulling. They can withstand a lot of force and are known for lasting several years. The downsides? Well, they aren't as flexible as chains. They can kink up and cause some mobility issues.

Dog Tether Systems

If you're looking to provide your pup with the most freedom possible, consider a tether system. Also known as pulleys or trolleys, these systems are comprised of a couple of different components.

First, there's the main tether line. This is anchored on both ends and is usually placed high above the ground where your dog can't reach.

Then, there's the lead. It's attached to the tether line via a pulley. The pully slides on the tether, allowing your dog to move on two axes. These are best for larger yards. However, you need to be careful about the individual components. Unlike traditional chains or cables, you have two lines to maintain.

What's a Stake?

Dog stake with a spiral form shoved into the ground

Stakes can be purchased separately. However, some tie-outs do come with their own stake for simplicity.

Essentially, a stake is a ground anchor that you attach the main lead to. Ground stakes twist into the soil to hold onto the leash.

Stakes are an excellent investment if you don't have anything to attach the lead to. They're easy to use and can be moved whenever you want to change spots.

Key Considerations

Tie-outs are not one-size-fits-all accessories. You must choose a system that works for your dog. It needs to be comfortable and strong enough to withstand any pulling that your dog does. Because this is a product that will directly affect your pup's safety and security, it's important to think about the following considerations.

Weight Capacity

Obviously, a small tie-out is not going to cut it if you have a massive Great Dane! All tie-outs are accompanied by a weight range. Manufacturers will produce this equipment to offer variable levels of strength. Match the tie-out's weight with your dog's to ensure that it's durable enough to withstand their pulling.

While it may be tempting to just get the strongest option you can, we advise against it. The weight of the cable or chain could be too much for your dog to handle, limiting their movement. Stick to the right weight capacity and you should have no problems.


Go in your backyard and take some measurements to see how much space you have. Tie-outs come in a range of lengths. You can get them as short as your average leash or over 100 feet long! It's important to remember that your dog's access depends entirely on the anchor point.

If you're using a ground stake, they will have access to the length of the tie-out in all directions. Keep that in mind when you're planning your space.

Stake Design

Stakes need to be strong enough to not slip out when your dog runs at full speed in one direction. Avoid any stakes that are simply slender poles. There needs to be some kind of resistance that grabs onto the soil. Look out for spirals or metal anchors to provide some additional strength.

Weather Protection

Most tie-outs are made out of metal, which is prone to accumulating rust after rain or morning dew. To improve the longevity of your tie-out, choose an option that has some kind of weather protection. Rubber covers and waterproof seals are ideal.

Visibility Features

Finally, you need to make sure that your tie-out and stake are visible. This isn't just for the safety of your dog. Visibility features can keep you safe, too! Brightly-colored tie-outs are easier to spot. The same goes with reflective accents. This can help you avoid tripping over the line and ensure that you can see your pup at all times.

Dog Tie-Out Ideas

Tie-outs can do wonders to keep your dog safe. We recommend putting the tie-out in an open space that's easy to see. Choose a spot that's clearly visible from an open window.

We recommend letting your dog explore on a tie-out for no more than 30 minutes. You should supervise them at all times to keep them safe. Despite all the good that tie-outs and stakes do, they can also pose a serious safety risk.

dog with limited range to move arrond because of a tie ou

Dogs can get tangled up pretty easily. This can lead to strangulation and injury.

The confining nature of a tie-out can also prove to be problematic if another dog roams into your property and tries to attack your dog. In that case, the tie-out would prevent your dog from getting to safety.

You need to keep a watchful eye at all times when your dog is on a tie-out so that you can quickly address any issues that may pop up.


The right tie-out and stake can do wonders to keep your dog secure. They're easy to use, are much more affordable than a fence, and do not require any long-term commitments.

They're a great way to provide that security you need while still giving your furry friend plenty of freedom to enjoy the great outdoors.


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