Top 8 Best Dog Waste Disposal Systems, (in & above ground)

Last Updated: May 4, 2023

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Dog poop is a topic that people seldom want to talk about. While dogs offer some great companionship and plenty of love, they are huge waste producers. A large pup can generate up to 500 pounds of waste in a single year. That's a lot of poop to dispose of!

Getting rid of dog waste is an important part of ownership. Not only do droppings ruin the look of your pristine yard, but it can also create a health hazard for you and everyone around you. The typical disposal method is to simply pick up with a bag and toss it in the trash.

While that technique is certainly effective, it's not the most environmentally-friendly choice.

Dog pooping in garden leaving dog waste behind

Plastic waste bags end up in your local landfill. The waste inside them decomposes in no time at all. Unfortunately, those bags can take thousands of years to decompose fully. For this reason, many dog owners have been looking for other disposal options.

Waste disposal systems offer an easy and effective way of handling dog waste. Both in-ground and above-ground models significantly reduce your impact on the environment while keeping your property clean and sanitized.

Here are the best dog waste disposal systems that you should check out.

Best In-Ground Pet Dog Waste Disposal Systems

1. Doggie Dooley In-Ground Dog Waste Disposal System, Plastic


Dog Dooley is one of the most trusted disposal system brands on the market. With this in-ground model, it's not hard to see why. It's made out of thick plastic and features a very discrete design. The main decomposition area is quite large, leaving plenty of room for the enzymes to work their magic. It's connected to the access door with a large sloping panel. The door opens with a simple step.

All you have to do is follow the instructions and dig the appropriately sized hole. Then, fill it up with 5 to 6 gallons of water. Weekly enzyme tablets are required to keep the system in good working condition. It's large enough to accommodate the waste of two large dogs or four small dogs.

2. Doggie Doo Drain Pet Waste Removal

Doggie Doo Drain Pet Waste Removal

This is a unique product that utilizes your existing plumbing infrastructure. Whether you have a septic system or you're connected to your local sewage system, you can use this product to get rid of dog poop in seconds.

It installs directly into your sewage or septic cleanout pipe. This pipe is typically located near your home and is used to clean out your home's primary drainage pipe. Usually, it's covered with a tightly sealed cap. This product is specifically designed to thread onto that pipe opening. A pull-out handle on top lets you access the pipe whenever you need to get rid of dog poop. Just drop the waste in and it will be directed to your home's septic tank or sewage line.

3. Doggie Dooley 3000 Septic-Tank-Style Pet-Waste Disposal System


Here's another system from Doggy Dooley. It operates in the same way as the previous system from the brand. However, it is made of galvanized steel. The steel drum is tough enough to last. Thanks to the galvanization process, it will take much longer to rust than raw steel.

The disposal system can be installed in well-drained soil. The unit itself is about 13 inches in diameter and 15 inches tall. On top, you'll find a beautifully designed lid. The lid keeps the system protected at all times and contains odor. It can be opened by simply stepping on one side.

4. Doggie Dooley 3535 35th-Anniversary Leach-Bed-Style Pet-Waste Disposal System

Doggie Dooley 3535 35th-Anniversary Leach-Bed-Style Pet-Waste Disposal System

To commemorate its 35th anniversary, Doggy Dooley created this unique disposal system. The in-ground unit takes on a pyramid-like shape. Of course, most of it will be hidden beneath the soil. The top features a durable plastic lid that you can lift up with your foot.

This is a bit smaller than the brand's other systems. However, it will serve one large dog or two small pups just fine. This model comes with six months of the digestive enzyme, so you can start eliminating waste right out of the box.

Best Above Ground Pet Dog Waste Disposal Systems

5. Pet Genie Pet Waste Disposal System with Odor Control

Pet Genie Ultimate Pet Waste Odor Control Pail for Dogs and Small Animals

The Pet Genie waste pail is great for those who live in apartments or don't have the right soil for a septic-style system. It's a simple disposal system that lets you collect waste and dispose of it all in one time. The pail works with a unique refill ring. Just install the ring at the top of the pail and you have a continuous supply of replacement bags ready for use. When the pail gets full, just cut off the old bag and tie it off. Then, tie the bottom of the new bag and you're good to go.

The disposal system features a Push-N-Lock clamp to keep odors in. The bags also have 7-layers of protection to prevent messes and smells.

6. PawPail Pet Waste Station Outdoor Disposal Container with Air Filter


The PawPail Pet Waste Station is made out of UV-protected plastic. It's weather-resistant and can be placed outside without any issues. The unit is quite large, measuring about 18 inches high. Inside, it has two features that control odors. One is the DualVent system. It circulates air to keep smells from lingering. The second is a deodorizing cartridge made out of activated carbon.

The cool thing about this product is that it has an integrated poop bag roll. The roll contains 200 bags. There's no need for an additional liner thanks to the ventilation system. The large metal basket inside can hold several weeks' worth of poop bags until you have to empty it out.

7. Nature's Miracle Jaw Dog Poop Scooper


No disposal system is complete without a tool to pick poop up. This scooper from Nature's Miracle is a must-have for any dog owner. Rather than bending over and picking up the poop by hand, you can use this scooper to take care of the dirty work.

It features a rubber grip with spring-action. Squeezing the grip closes the two plastic scoopers, allowing you to keep the waste away from your hands and nose. The scoopers are made out of non-stick plastic. They also have an anti-microbial coating to keep things bacteria-free. Use this scooper to pick up the waste and drop it into your preferred waste disposal system.

Portable Dog Poop Holder

8. Doo Doo Reusable Dog Poop Bag Holder Tube Designed to Keep in Odors and Germs

Doo Doo Tube Filled Dog Waste Bag Holder - Reusable Dog Poop Bag Tube Designed to Keep in Odors and Germs

While dog poop disposal tools are great when you're at home, what do you do when you're on an adventure with your furry friend? This container from Doo Doo Tube has you covered. It's a portable waste container that keeps odors sealed away until you can dispose of the poop properly.

It measures about 3 inches wide by 5 inches long. It can hold droppings for four medium-sized dogs or one large one. The container is made out of thick plastic and has an air-tight seal. Thanks to the included carabiner clip, you can take it with you wherever your adventures take you.

Types of Dog Poop Disposal Systems Available

There are two main types of disposal systems available on the market. The option that's right for you will largely depend on your property and disposal needs.


In-ground dog poop disposal systems have grown in popularity in recent years. They eliminate the need for waste bags because they are designed to work like a traditional septic system.

Septic systems for homes take advantage of large drainage fields and digestive enzymes to decompose waste. An in-ground dog system works pretty much the same way. However, the primary difference is that everything is done on a much smaller scale.

Typically, in-ground systems come in the form of plastic containers with a flip-up lid. They're suitable for yards that drain well. The installation process involves digging a hole that's just deep enough to house the container. It sits below the ground and can be accessed via a sealed lid on top.

Whenever your dog poops, all you have to do is collect it and drop it into the disposal system. To start the decomposition process, most systems require you to add digestive enzymes and water into the mix. The enzymes break down biological matter, such as poop.

What's left behind is a slurry and liquid that can be absorbed into the ground. Most systems have an overflow component that will gradually release this liquid into the soil.

With proper care, an in-ground system can last for several years. They're available in many different sizes as well, making them a great solution for multi-dog homes.


If you don't have the right kind of soil for an in-ground system, above-ground options work well, too. The best way to describe an in-ground system is to compare it to a baby's diaper pail.

Basically, they are dog poop disposal containers that will prevent smells and bacteria from permeating the area. Like diaper pails, they usually have a bulk bagging system and some odor-control features.

Sealed lids and deodorizing cartridges are quite common. The lid prevents insects from getting in while keeping the odor to a minimum.

As for the bagging system, most above-ground disposal systems are designed to be as efficient as possible. Rather than utilizing hundreds of individual bags, disposal systems use one larger bag to get rid of waste at one time. 

The bags are installed into the system, allowing you to empty the container without having to touch any waste or accidentally dropping anything.

While using a bag might seem counterintuitive, it's much better to use an above-ground system than individual bags. They use significantly less plastic than waste bags. Plus, you can always take advantage of bio-degradable bags to reduce your environmental impact even further.

Is an In-Ground Dog Poop Disposal Container Right for Me?

Ultimately, in-ground systems are the most efficient. Other than the digestive enzymes you need to keep the system in good working condition, you don't have to make many continual investments in the product. They're easy to use and are discrete enough to blend in with your landscaping.

peeing dog in the yard

With all that said, they're not suitable for all yards. As we mentioned earlier, your soil needs to have good drainage. Otherwise, the system won't work.

If you have hard clay in your yard, proper drainage cannot be achieved.

There is one easy way to test if the system will work for you. Just dig a hole that's approximately 14 inches deep.

Then, pour 5 gallons of water into the hole and see how fast it drains. As long as the water is gone within two days, your soil should be fine for an in-ground system.

Additional Concerns

Beyond the quality of your soil, you have to consider your water supply and the climate. Those digestive enzymes work best in warmer climates. Freezing temperatures can kill healthy bacteria, rendering the system useless.

If you live in an area that freezes during the winter months, you may want to consider investing in an above-ground disposal system during the colder seasons.

When it comes to water, you need to make sure that it is chlorine-free. Chlorine will kill off some of those enzymes, making the process come to a grinding halt.

Test your water to see if it has any significant amount of chlorine in it. If it does, you can leave a few gallons out in the sun to reduce the chlorine content before you add it to the system.

See this video for a review of the Doggie Dooley 3500 septic system.

Things to Consider

A dog waste disposal system is a great way to reduce environmental pollution while keeping your yard poop-free. Thanks to the growing popularity of these systems, there are a ton of options on the market. To ensure that you're getting the best one for your needs, keeping the following things in mind.


First things first, how much poop do you need to get rid of? This is, perhaps, one of the most important things you need to consider. If you have a giant St. Bernard, you're going to overflow a small system pretty quickly.

Luckily, most manufacturers offer many different sizes to suit the needs of any dog. It's not just the size of your dog that you need to think about. You should also take into account the frequency of their poops and how many dogs you have in your family.

If you have multiple dogs running around, you can use a single disposal system to take care of them both. However, you must make sure that it's large enough to handle the load without affecting the decomposition process.

Material Options

When it comes to material, you usually have a choice between metal or heavy-duty plastic. Plastic is pretty common and can perform well with proper care.

However, you do run the risk of premature damage if the system is exposed to constant sunlight throughout the day. Excessive heat can lead to cracking and fading, so keep this mind.

Metal is great because it can last for decades. Steel products offer the most durability. But, you may have to deal with oxidation. To avoid that, you can go with aluminum instead.


Finally, let's talk about usability. The best dog poop disposal systems are going to be very user-friendly. These systems take time to deal with waste. There should be little maintenance involved.

For in-ground systems, the only thing you will need to do is add the enzymes and water. For above-ground products, you must periodically empty them out. If a system requires any more work than that, it'll be more of a hassle than anything else.

Most systems come with convenience features to improve user experience. For example, look out for flipping lids that you can simply step on to open. With those, you don't even have to bend over to drop the poop in.


All things considered, waste disposal systems are the best way to deal with what your dog leaves behind every day. They're easy to use and are much better for the environment than the alternatives.

Give one of our recommended systems a shot! You'll quickly realize what you have been missing and never go back to traditional waste bags again

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