Top 7 Best Artificial Grasses for Dogs .. (or any other pets)

Last Updated: May 5, 2023

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Artificial Grass for Dogs

There's nothing more enticing to a playful dog than a giant yard full of grass. Dogs of all ages and breeds love to spend their days rolling around in the grass and exploring. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to a lush lawn.

Maintaining real turf can be a pricey endeavor. Not only do you have to constantly cut the grass to prevent overgrowth, but you also need to invest in herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. If you live in an area with extreme heat or frozen winters, your expenses can get even higher due to the difficulties grass has in those environments.

For those reasons, more and more dog owners are going with artificial turf. 

Synthetic grass is a great alternative to high-maintenance lawns. They're easy to take care of and aren't affected by changes in the weather. Fake grass has all the great things that dogs love about real grass without all of the negative aspects that we humans hate.

Whether you're looking to cover your entire backyard in dog-friendly artificial grass or you want to create a small area for your pup to enjoy, you have plenty of options to choose from. 

Here's a small collection of some of the best products the market has to offer.

Best Artificial Grass for Dogs

#1. SavvyGrow Artificial Grass for Dogs

SavvyGrow Artificial Grass for Dogs Pee Pads - Premium 4 Tone Puppy Potty Training, Easy to Clean with Drain Holes

This grass from SavvyGrow is hard to distinguish from the real thing. It has an authentic color and a realistic texture. The individual grass blades are made out of polyethylene & polypropylene. The material is durable yet comfortable to the touch. The blades are approximately 1.2 inches tall, creating a nice cushion for your dog to walk on.

This turf is relatively easy to install. It can be used in any location. To keep it protected all year long, the grass is coated in UV protectant. It's also resistant to fires and corrosion. In total, the grass can last upwards of 25 years.

#2. Perfect Turf Antimicrobial PET Grass 100 Oz. Outdoor or Indoor

Antimicrobial PET Grass/Turf 100 Oz. Outdoor or Indoor, Two-Toned, Perforated Backing and NO Infill Needed

The Perfect Turf PetGrass is specifically made to be used for dogs. It's completely safe for your furry friend to use. The grass is about 1.25 inches tall. It's also made out of polyethylene. Two different colors of grass are used, creating a realistic look.

The unique thing about this particular turf product is that it doesn't require a ton of extra preparation. You can easily install it in small areas without infill or additional layers. The grass is installed onto a durable mat with plenty of drainage holes to get rid of waste.

#3. Reliancer 9PCS Artificial Interlocking Grass Tile Lawn Rug for Dogs

Reliancer 9PCS Artificial Grass Turf Interlocking Grass Tile Lawn Rug for Dogs Puppy

Looking for a quick and easy install? Check out these artificial turf panels from Reliancer. The grass is installed directly onto tough frames that measure 12 inches long by 12 inches wide. The frames provide adequate drainage to get rid of water and waste.

They also help to speed up the installation process. Simply lock the frames together and anchor them to the ground. You can even create a "floating" lawn on a deck or balcony. The grass itself is made out of lead-free synthetic material that's both fire resistant and UV protected.

#4. Petgrow Artificial Synthetic Grass Turf 0.8" Pile Height Indoor & Outdoor

Petgrow · Artificial Synthetic Grass Turf 5FTX8FT(40 Square FT),0.8" Pile Height Indoor Outdoor Pet Dog Artificial Grass Mat Rug Carpet for Garden Backyard Balcony

The fake grass from PetGrow comes in large rolls that are roughly 5 feet wide. Installation is a breeze thanks to the multi-layer base. All you have to do is clear the ground of any weeds, compact the dirt, and roll the grass out. Drainage holes are located throughout, ensuring that the grass stays in good condition.

From an aesthetic standpoint, this fake grass looks beautiful. Four different shades of green are used for the PP material. This adds a nice touch of realism. The grass is on the shorter side, measuring about 0.8 inches tall.

#5. MEGAGRASS Pet Turf for Extra Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large Dogs

MEGAGRASS Pet Turf for Extra Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large Dogs - Indoor and Outdoor Artificial Grass Patch and Synthetic

MEGAGRASS offers a bit more control over the type of grass you're getting in your lawn. In addition to being able to choose the size of the fake foliage, you can also choose from one of four different "breeds."

The various breed options help you get a better idea of the quality of the grass. For example, the grass made for small breeds is designed for high traffic. This is because small dogs tend to be more energetic and will run around the turf. Regardless of the option you choose, this grass is easy to install and has UV and weather protection built right in.

#6. RoundLove Artificial Lawn Fake Grass Indoor Outdoor Landscape Pet Dog Area

RoundLove Artificial Turf Lawn Fake Grass Indoor Outdoor Landscape Pet Dog Area (40X40in)

The artificial turf from RoundLove is catered to those who live in hot environments. The grass is heat resistant and UV protected. It manages to stay relatively cool to the touch, even in direct sunlight. Thus, your dog can walk on it without having to worry about burning their paws.

The grass blades are also fire-resistant, which is great for safety. The back of the grass is made of rubber. Small drainage holes are located throughout the roll for easy maintenance.

#7. WMG GRASS Premium Artificial Turf for Dogs Realistic for Garden and Patio

WMG GRASS Premium Artificial Grass, Drainage Mat, 3.3' x 5' Artificial Turf for Dogs, Cats, Pets, Turf Realistic Indoor/Outdoor for Garden, Patio (16.5 sq ft)

If you prefer longer grass blades, this option from WMG Grass has you covered. The individual grass pieces are about 1.38 inches tall. This provides adequate bounce for you and your dog. The synthetic turf is built for high-traffic areas. It's surprisingly resilient and capable of withstanding anything nature throws at it.

Two layers of polypropylene fabric are used to create the base. The entire unit, grass and all, is environmentally friendly. When you want to replace the grass, you can easily toss the turf into the recycling bin.

Is Artificial Grass Safe for Pets?

You'll be happy to know that artificial grass is completely safe for dogs. There was some concern in the early days of fake lawns about the safety of this product for pets and children. Back in those days, high levels of lead were found in the fake grass.

As you probably know, there have been a ton of health issues linked with lead exposure. Those findings forced the industry to make changes in the manufacturing process.

Modern artificial turfs have no detectable traces of lead. As long as the grass is installed correctly, it will be just fine for your canine companion. If already have fake grass and are unsure about when it was installed, we recommend replacing it or performing tests to ensure that it's safe.

The Advantages of Fake Grass for Dogs

Now that we know that fake grass is safe for dogs, let's get into the other benefits the ground covering offers.

Prevents Unwanted Digging

If your pup has a penchant for digging holes in your backyard, an artificial lawn is perfect for your home. The grass is manufactured in large sheets or panels.

While the lawns look simple enough, there's actually a complicated installation process involved. There are multiple layers and plenty of anchors to keep the grass in its place.

Thus, it won't give in to your dog's paws when they try to dig. It might be confusing for them at first, but eventually, most canines will just stop trying.

They'll learn that digging will get them nowhere, putting a stop to that behavior once and for all. Plus, the lack of real dirt ensures that your pup isn't walking through your home with muddy paws!


In addition to no detectable traces of lead, artificial turfs do not require any chemicals to maintain. Once it's installed, the grass will maintain its looks through any weather. Thus, there's no need for chemical fertilizers or herbicides.

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Minimizes the Risks of Pest Infestations

Because it's not real grass, artificial turf is not going to attract pests as sod would. This minimizes your dog's chances of encountering a pest infestation.

Ticks, fleas, ants and other stubborn bugs hide out in the grass and latch onto your dog's fur when they go outside. Most dogs catch fleas in their own backyard!

By eliminating the pest's home, you're essentially driving them away. It makes your job as a dog owner much easier, as you don't have to invest in harsh flea deterrents or backyard pesticides. This makes your lawn safer for everyone.

Not Affected by Waste

Have you ever seen what waste can do to plantlife over time? Urine, in particular, can create noticeable dead spots. Urine is high in nitrogen, which burns grass roots. Not only that, but the soil underneath is affected for years to come, preventing anything from growing in those spots again.

dog in the yard with urine spots in the grass

If you have a pup that likes to mark every spot they see, you're going to have a yellow yard in no time.

When it comes to feces, bacteria is the main problem. Bacteria can cause the grass to thin out. It's not as extreme as the dead spots from urine but it's still very noticeable.

Beyond that, the bacteria from poop can also pose a problem.

If you don't immediately pick up feces, it can be washed away by the rain. When this happens, it's absorbed by the soil. Playing in that area in the future can be dangerous for both dogs and kids.

With dog-friendly artificial grass, the issues that come with pet waste do not exist. The fake grass is easier to clean, stays in good shape regardless of what it's exposed to, and does not harbor bacteria.

Key Consideration When Choosing Dog-Friendly Artificial Grass

Before you pull the trigger and buy some artificial grass for your pup, there are some important things to think about. Faux grass is a unique product that doesn't come cheap. To ensure that you're getting a long-lasting turf that's safe for your pet, consider the following factors.

Infill Material

As we mentioned earlier, artificial turf is comprised of numerous layers. One of the most important is infill. This layer sits below the grass that you walk on. It serves a couple of different purposes. First, it promotes proper drainage. The material prevents packing to ensure that water doesn't pool on top of your grass.

Secondly, the infill helps with air circulation. This is important when it comes to dog use. Circulation can help to get rid of odors and keep the surface of your new lawn cool. If you live in a hot climate, the infill will prevent the turf from getting too hot for your dog to walk on.

Finally, the infill layer also provides comfort and a realistic feel. Placing a layer of fake grass over compacted dirt is not a good idea. It will feel hard underfoot and put more stress on your dog's joints. High-quality infill gives the turf that signature bounce.

It's important to choose an infill that's appropriate for your particular yard and needs.

Pet-Specific Features

Going alongside the subject of the infill, it's a good idea to invest in pet-specific features. Some turfs are better for dogs than others because they are made to handle waste efficiently. For example, some grass products utilize silica granules for the infill. This substance is great for drainage and has an antimicrobial coating to keep the bacteria at bay.

Other fake grass products also require the use of a membrane. It sits between the upper layer and the base layer to keep the air flowing. It's a must for evaporating urine.

If smells are a concern, you can also get integrated deodorizers installed with your turf. The deodorizers are part of the infill and will neutralize smells to keep your lawn fresh.

All of these features can bring your fake turf to the next level. They're not required for simple turf lawns, so it's important to make those upgrades for your dog.

Professional Installation

Finally, you need to think about installation. While you could install artificial turf yourself, it's recommended that you get help from a professional. Professional installers will know what kinds of extras you need to make the lawn suitable for dog use.

Furthermore, professionals can get your new lawn installed the right way. Improper installation can create tripping hazards for you and your dog. An experienced installer will make sure that every component is anchored down correctly and all seams are invisible.

Wrap Up

Dog-friendly artificial grass is a great investment. Gone are the days of having to constantly maintain your lawn. After you have installed the grass, the only thing you have to do moving forward is enjoy the space with your pup


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