Top 7 Best Pet Couch Covers for Dogs (that stay in place)

Last Updated: May 24, 2023

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Couch covers are a must-have! Let's be honest: dogs are destructive creatures. No matter how well-trained your pup is, they are bound to destroy your sofa.

It's just in their nature!  Sure, you could make a rule of "no dogs on the couch." Many owners go this route. While rules like that could be effective, it severely limits personal time with your dog.

There's nothing better than bonding with your pup while watching TV on the couch. Plus, those rules don't do anything to stop your dog from destroying the sides and bottom of your furniture.

The only way to truly protect your sofa is with a couch cover. 


These simple accessories act as a barrier between the expensive finish of your sofa and the messes of your dog.

Couch covers are a dime a dozen these days. But if you have any experience with them, you know better than anyone else that quality is all over the place. Some covers will do nothing but make your couch look like a drab furniture piece.

Luckily, some high-quality covers actually stay in place and provide the protection you're after. Here are some of our favorites!

7 of the Best Pet Couch Covers for Dogs

1. Sure Fit Deluxe Sofa Cover


The Sure Fit couch cover is a plush option that can take lounging to the next level! It's made of quilted velvet panels that feel nice on the skin. Inside, there's a thin layer of high-loft polyester to provide some cushion. Innovative seams help to prevent leakage while the microfiber backing reduces slipping.

The fabric is treated with an Acti-Fresh finish, too. This helps to repel odors and keep the cover smelling fresh between washes. The cover is available in a handful of colors. It's also designed to fit on most wide sofas without any issues.

2. Bone Dry Reversible Sofa Cover


Fitting couches that measure up to 70 inches wide, the Bone Dry cover is a great option. It's a reversible cover that protects the seat cushion, backing, and armrests. There's even an elastic strap on the back to ensure that the cover stays put!

The cover is quilted and features reinforced stitching throughout. The edges are finished with thick piping. This added detail helps to keep chewing at bay. Best of all, the entire cover is machine-washable for easy cleaning!

3. FurHaven Water-Resistant Reversible Furniture Protector


Here's a cover that you can use on all your furniture. FurHaven offers models for long sofas, shorter loveseats, and even plush armchairs. The material is thick and durable. It has a reversible design with quilt stitching. The quilted seams keep the padding secure while also adding strength to the cover.

Both sides are coated with a water-resistant finish. The treatment gives you some time to clean up messes before they soak in. Even if they do, the cover is machine washable for convenience.

4. Elegant Comfort Reversible Quilted Love Seat Cover


This simple reversible cover from Elegant Comfort is built to last. 100 percent polyester fabric is used. The material is naturally tough. It's also water and mess-resistant. You can wipe up simple messes quickly. Or, you can toss it into the washing machine for a deep clean.

The cover has a basic universal design. It fits most couches that are up to 70 inches wide. Like most covers, this model has a separate panel for the back and arms of your sofa. There's also tie straps for added security.

5. PetFusion Microplush Quilted Dog & Cat Blanket


The Microplush cover from PetFusion is a simple option that your dog will love. It's a blanket-style cover that's available in four different sizes. Spread it onto your couch for your dog to lounge! They'll enjoy the polyester microfiber material. It's very soft and perfect for winter! Though, you can use it all year long for couch protection.

The blanket is reinforced with quilt stitching. Thick piping around the perimeter prevents chewing and fraying as well. While it's not the most secure cover around, the quilted bottom does reduce sliding.

6. Gorilla Grip Original Slip Resistant X-Large Oversized Sofa Protector


This over-sized cover from Gorilla Grip can keep larger couches protected. It fits sofas up to 78 inches long and protects the sitting area from all angles. Separate panels for the back and sides ensure that your entire couch stays mess-free.

The top of the cover is made out of soft quilted suede. It's soft enough for dogs and humans alike! To keep the cover in place, Gorilla Grip offers a couple of unique features. First, there are straps to secure the back of the cover on your cushions. Secondly, the entire cover is backed with slip-resistant material.

7. Easy-Going Water Resistant Reversible Sofa Cover / Furniture Protector


If you need a cover to match your decor, here's a good option. This unit is available in a spectrum of colors. Plus, it's reversible for more versatility! Both sides are covered in faux suede. Inside, there's foam padding for comfort. Quilted stitching throughout keeps the foam in place and prevents unevenness.

Elastic straps on both sides of the back panel make it easy to secure the cover. There's also thicker piles of foam on the sides of the seat panel. You can use them to tuck the ends into your couch cushions for better stability.

What Are Couch Covers For?

It's all in the name! Couch covers are meant to cover the upholstery of your couch. It doesn't matter what material your sofa is made out of. A well-designed cover will protect it from all the messes your dog can make.

There are a few different types of couch covers on the market today. Generally, these accessories are designed to be as versatile as possible. However, some are going to serve you better than others.

The most basic, as well as affordable, option looks like a simple blanket. You simply drape the cover over the couch cushions to create that all-important barrier you need. These covers do a fine job. But, they're not the most secure. A rambunctious pup could easily pull it out of place.

Multi-Piece Slipcovers

If you need a bit more security, you can go with a multi-piece slipcover. These types of covers are very versatile and can complement sofas very well. They're comprised of several panels stitched together.

Each panel covers a separate part of your couch. For example, you might have one panel for the back, two panels for the arms, and one for the seat cushion.

They're usually pretty thick and durable, too. Thus, they offer more protection than a standard blanket.

Stretch Slipcovers

Finally, there are stretch slipcovers. As you can probably guess, these covers stretch over the entire couch and protect from all angles.

While you'd think this would be the best option, they're usually more of a hassle than anything else! Unless you get a model built to the exact specifications of your couch, you're going to have to deal with constant slipping. Plus, it ruins the look of your sofa!

If you want a protective cover that preserves or enhances the look of your couch, we recommend going with a multi-panel cover. A blanket-style cover will work well, too.

Benefits of Using a Couch Cover

You may be wondering, "Do I really need a pet couch cover?" Many dog owners choose not to use one at first. It's not hard to see why. They're just another thing you have to clean, right?

Don't make the same mistake! Dogs can quickly ruin the finish of your couch. Not only that, but they can turn your once-pristine sofa into a smelly mess!

Here are some notable benefits couch covers have to offer.

Makes Hair Clean-Up a Breeze

Stray hair is the most common issue dog owners have to deal with. Even single-coat short-haired breeds will shed. They leave behind tons of itchy hair that no one wants to sit on. With that hair also comes dander, which could trigger allergies.

Instead of spending time brushing or vacuuming hair off your sofa, why not use a cover? The cover will prevent hair from getting lodged into the upholstery. Plus, you can just bring the cover outside and give it a few good shakes to get rid of stray hair.

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Discourages Chewing

Dogs are unnaturally attracted to corners and seams! Take a look at their bed or blanket and you're bound to see some chew marks. With a couch cover, you can keep those delicate areas protected.

The cover will discourage nibbling and help you keep your couch in good shape.

Prevents Nail Damage

Even well-trimmed nails can do a lot of damage to a couch. Modern-day sofas just aren't built to deal with sharp pressure like that. Leather sofas are particularly sensitive to rips and tears. Though, standard fabric sofas are damage-prone, too.

Most couch covers are quite thick. They act as some padding to keep nail damage at bay.

Helps Avoid Accidents

Who wants to deal with accidental messes in their couch cushions? Cleaning up urine or drool can be a nightmare. With how couches are constructed, it's nearly impossible to get rid of everything without breaking the sofa apart.

Instead of dealing with that, just let the couch cover soak up the messes. These covers are easy to clean. You can toss them into the washing machine to get rid of accidental messes. Just like that, they're as good as new!

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Keeps Sofa Smelling Fresh

Speaking of messes, couch covers can do a lot to help keep your couch smelling fresh. Dogs are notorious for spreading their sent on everything.


They don't just do this with urine. Canines have that signature smell that gets on everything they lay on!

Padding and fabric upholstery on your couch can hold onto that odor for a long time. It's best to avoid smell issues altogether. 

Again, let the couch cover take the brunt of the odor instead! When you need to freshen things up, your washing machine has you covered!

How to Choose a High-Quality Pet Couch Cover

There's no shortage of couch covers on the market to choose from. To ensure that you don't end up buying a dud product, consider the following.


The material used could end up affecting the level of protection a cover offers. Something thin and stretchy isn't going to do much to stop chewing or nail punctures.

Thick, heavy-duty fabric, on the other hand, will. Look for an option with considerable weight and density. That's usually a good indicator of protective capabilities.

Quality of Construction

What good is a cover if it's only going to fall apart? Pay close attention to the finer details of the couch cover. Does it have reinforced stitching? Is it double-layered? Those small touches can help improve longevity and ensure that your cover holds up to wear and tear.

Moisture Resistance

A built-in water-resistant layer is essential if your dog gets over-excited or drools everywhere. These layers prevent messes from penetrating through the cover and affecting the upholstery on the other size.


Of course, you're going to want to get a cover that fits! Take some measurements before you shop to make sure that your purchase covers as much space as you need. Also, consider different couch configurations. For example, loveseats are smaller than standard couches and larger sectionals.


Style isn't going to do much to affect the performance of the couch cover. But, it will impact the look of your living room. Covers come in a range of colors and styles.

Some are even reversible so that you can get two styles in one! Choose an option that matches your couch and existing decor. Visitors will be none-the-wiser!


Finally, consider how you will maintain the cover. Not all couch covers are machine-washable. Some may require hand-washing, which could make cleanups more challenging.

The same goes for covers with strict cleaning restrictions. For care-free protection, choose an option that's safe for the washer and dryer!


Dealing with mess and hair comes with the territory of owning a dog. However, that doesn't mean that you have to make things harder on yourself!

With a pet couch cover, you can enjoy those lazy nights in front of your television with your dog while still keeping your furniture in good shape.

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