Best Carpet Cleaning Machine’s for Pet Urine (or any other) Stains

Last Updated: May 25, 2023

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Carpet Cleaning Machine’s for Pet Urine and stains

Despite all of the training that people provide for their pets, accidents do happen. Pets are just like us humans. Sometimes, they just can't hold it in when they really have to go. Unfortunately, this can lead to some nasty messes around your home.

Pet urine, as well as diarrhea, vomit, and a slew of other stains, have a knack for sticking around long after you clean up. Dog messes are notorious for soaking down deep into carpet fibers. This results in a noticeable blemish.

In many cases, you might be smelling the accompanying odors for weeks.

Whether you have a young pup, stubborn kitten, or a potty-trained adult dog, it pays to have a carpet cleaning machine. These devices go above and beyond the capabilities of standard vacuums.

In addition to sucking up stray pet hairs and debris, these machines can wash the fibers to get rid of stains once and for all.

The best carpet cleaning machine for pet urine stains will remove all signs of the mess, including odors.

There's no shortage of great devices on the market. A carpet cleaner is a big investment that can pay for itself over time. It's important to take some extra time in choosing an option that's right for your home and needs.

Here are some of the best pet carpet cleaning machines on the market.

7 of the Best Carpet Cleaning Machine's for Pet Urine

BISSELL Turboclean Powerbrush Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner Machine and Carpet Shampooer

Bissell is one of the biggest vacuum brands around. The TurboClean machine is a great addition to their line. It has the same design as a standard upright. Yet, it only weighs 12 pounds and features a collapsible handle for storage.

To handle tough cleaning jobs, the machine has a powerful DirtLifter power brush. It has four rows of bristles to pick up stains and pet hair. 

This is a water-based cleaner that can be used with Bissell's unique solutions. The solution and water are kept in an entirely separate tank from the waste. This helps to keep things clean and fresh no matter how often you need to use the machine.

Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner, FH50700

From Hoover is the PowerDash pet carpet cleaner. It has a great two-stage cleaning process. On the bottom, there is a PowerSpin roller. The roller is great for picking up hair and chunks of debris. It even has an antimicrobial coating for protection.

When you need a deeper clean, you can press the trigger to release your solution.

Hoover uses a dual-tank system. Cleaning it out is very easy, as the mess and solution are kept separate. The great thing about this cleaner is that it has HeatForce power. This unique feature helps to minimize drying time by gently heating your carpets and evaporating moisture.

Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner

Need to clean hard-to-reach spots? This spot cleaner from Rug Doctor. At only 15 pounds, the machine is very portable. It also has wheels and a 5.5-foot hose. The cleaning mechanisms are located on a handheld brush. This brush allows you to treat small areas or parts of your home that you can't clean with an upright machine.

The brush is completely motorized. It moves 1,200 times per minute to get rid of tough stains. Plus, the cleaner will vacuum up any water to speed up drying times. There are two water tanks built into the device. While they are smaller than what you'd find on a full-sized product, they do help to keep your cleaning water mess-free.

BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Full Size Upright Carpet Cleaner and Shampooer with Antibacterial Spot & Stain Remover

Another great option from Bissell is the ProHeat 2x Revolution. This monster of a machine is great for heavy-duty jobs. It's equipped with a powerful motor that offers plenty of suction. There's also a couple of different cleaning modes. With Deep Clean, you can make your carpets look like new. If you're short on time, you can use Express Clean mode to ensure that your carpets are dry within the hour.

The foot of the cleaner has a dual brush system. Each brush has many rows of tough bristles to tackle stains. There's also HeatWave technology, which makes quick work of deep stains.

Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner and Shampooer, Lightweight Machine

The Power Scrub Elite cleaner from Hoover is ready to take care of your entire home. It has two large tanks and a powerful antimicrobial brush system. These brushes are great for getting rid of stubborn stains. However, they're gentle enough to not damage the fibers.

Hoover has also included a quick-clean mode as well. When you use this mode, your carpets are dry in only 45 minutes.

Even if you do use the standard or deep clean method, the built-in drying system will work alongside the powerful suction to provide faster drying times. The cleaner includes various accessories. One of the most useful is a handheld hose for spot cleaning.

Best Portable Cordless Handheld Carpet Cleaning Machine for Pet Stains

6. Bissell Pet Stain Eraser Cordless Portable Carpet Cleaner, Green, Small

Bissell Pet Stain Eraser Cordless Portable Carpet Cleaner, Green, Small

Whether you need to clean your stairs or furniture upholstery, this handheld model from Bissell has you covered. It has a built-in battery that provides 15 minutes of run time. Despite its small footprint, the machine is fully capable of lifting pet messes. There are two separate tanks. The smaller clean water tank can be used with a solution for better results.

This cleaner can also be without water. You can spray the affected area with cleaning solution and use the discrete brush to dislodge debris. Then, just vacuum the mess away.

Best Hands-Free Portable Spot & Stain Carpet Cleaner

7. Bissell SpotBot Pet Hands-Free Portable Spot & Stain Carpet Cleaner

Bissell SpotBot Pet handsfree Spot and Stain Portable Deep Cleaner

The Bissell SpotBot does all the hard work for you. All you have to do is fill up the clean tank with water and solution. Then, choose one of the cleaning modes, set the spiral brush system on top of the stain, and hit the "Start" button. The brushes will work to get rid of the mess in only a few minutes. Deep Reach technology ensures that even set-in stains are not a problem.

If you would like a bit more control over how you clean, this machine does have a handheld cleaning tool. With a press of a button, you can initiate the cleaning function and take care of spots that are difficult to reach.

How Do Pet Carpet Cleaning Machines Work?


While they serve the same purpose, carpet cleaning machines are not the same as vacuums.

Traditional vacuum cleaners are only meant to suck up dirt and debris. Depending on the quality of the machine, it may have a strong motor and some robust rollers to pick up pet hair. They're great for picking up everyday dirt, but they're not going to do much to tackle heavy stains and pet urine.

Carpet cleaners, on the other hand, are fully capable of making your carpets look brands new. They're purpose-built for getting through those thick fibers and removing the stain down to the padding. How do they do this? Well, a couple of different methods are used.

Hot Water

Many machines utilize hot water to get the job done. These cleaners have a large tank to hold water and a bit of cleaning solution. When they're turned on, built-in heaters will bring the temperature of the water up so that you can wash and sanitize your carpets with ease. Some machines take things a step further and transform the water into pure steam.

Using hot water is great for getting rid of all types of pet stains. It effectively gets rid of odor-causing bacteria, keeping things sanitized. If you're worried about moisture, don't fret.

Carpet cleaners also work to suck up the dirty water for easy disposal. They do leave your carpets a bit moist afterward, but the drying time is well worth the cleanliness.

Dry Solvents

If you want to avoid drying times, some cleaners also use dry solvents. This method, often called "dry cleaning," uses unique powders or foam. The solvent is designed to soak up any messes.

While it's not as effective as cleaning with hot water or special solutions, dry solvents do just fine when you're in a pinch.

The great thing about dry cleaning is that you don't have to worry about waiting for the carpet to dry. The solvents take a few minutes to work. Many cleaners also have rotary components to get the cleaning solvents deep into the fibers. After the solvents have done what they're supposed to, you can vacuum everything up as normal.

Cleaning Solutions

For pet owners, cleaning solutions are a must-have. They can be used with most hot water machines. The cleaning solutions are very concentrated, so adding a couple of capfuls to the water tank will do wonders for your carpet.

The biggest advantage that cleaning solutions have to offer is that they're specially formulated to deal with the odor and bacteria that comes with pet messes. They can loosen up dried-on stains and get rid of odors in one step. Plus, many solutions act as enzymatic cleaners.

This means that they can break down organic matter and protein-based stains. As such, they're perfect for dealing with urine, feces, and any other mess your pet might make.

Recommended Cleaning Solution

Bissell 2X Concentrated Pet Stain & Odor Upright Machine Formula

Bissell 2X Concentrated Pet Stain & Odor Upright Machine Formula

From Bissell is this powerful pet stain cleaning solution. It can be used with most upright machines and works to loosen tough stains. The great thing about this particular formula is that it completely neutralizes the area. 

As its cleaning, the solution will remove any smell that might want to linger. When all is said and done, there will be no signs that your pet ever made a mess. Not only does this keep your carpets looking great, but it will discourage your pet from using that spot again.

The solution also has Scotchguard protector, which will help to decrease the effects of any messes that might happen in the future.

Types of Cleaners Available

There are a few types of carpet cleaning machines available. Before you choose one, it's important to consider how you'll be using the device and how much space you have for storage.

Large Upright Cleaners

The most common option you'll find is a full-sized upright. At first glance, these machines look very similar to vacuums. They also operate very similarly. As you clean, these machines have to be pushed manually over the affected area.

Typically, upright cleaners are the most powerful. They're equipped with strong motors that can handle tough stains without missing a beat.

While they're great for cleaning your entire home in one session, upright cleaners are quite large. Depending on your physical limitations, they can be a bit cumbersome to deal with.

Compact Cleaning Machines

Next up are compact machines. As you can probably guess, these options are much smaller than standard uprights. They're perfect if you have small pets or need to get around tight spots. Many pet owners use these if there's only one room in the house with carpet or they want to clean up dirty stairs.

Handheld models are particularly useful if you take your pet with you on the go. They utilize powerful batteries to provide a few minutes of cleaning time. Because they're not tied down with a power cord, you can use them in the car.

The downside of a compact unit is that they're not that powerful. They can certainly get the job done, but you might have to spend a bit more time.

Spot Cleaners

If portability is your top priority, spot cleaners are for you. The design of spot cleaners is a bit unique. For most products, you just have to place the device over the stain and let it do its thing.

They often have rotary brushes, separate tanks for clean and dirty water, and more. Though, the exact features will vary from product to product.

Spot cleaners are great if you don't have to deal with messes very often. They're not going to clean your entire home or treat a large area, so keep that in mind.

Here is a video from Bissel that shows how their handheld carpet cleaner can be used

Features to Look For

Now that you know what cleaning machines can do, let's go over some key features that you should be looking for. Dealing with pet messes is different than normal food or drink spills. So, you're going to want to go with a machine that has pet-specific features that will make your job a breeze.

Large Tank Size

Sizable water tanks let you treat a large area without having to make constant trips to your kitchen or bathroom. Most upright machines have a tank that can hold up to a gallon of water.

This is more than enough to clean the carpets in an average-sized home. However, if you want a more heavy-duty cleaning session, you can find tanks that are a bit larger.

Also, consider choosing a cleaner with two separate tanks. You can easily find machines that will separate pet waste from the clean water. This is important if you plan on using the machine even when you're not dealing with pet messes.

Over time, urine and bacteria can result in a lasting ammonia smell. If the waste isn't separated, you run the risk of spreading that odor to your carpets.

Strong Motor and Powerful Suction

A strong motor is a must-have when you're dealing with stubborn stains. The motor should be powerful enough to suck up wet and dry messes in one pass. The last thing you want to deal with is having to run the cleaner back and forth over the stain. You might end up spreading the mess and damaging your machine.

Pet Hair Beaters

Chances are, your carpets are holding onto a lot of stray pet hair. It gets deep within the carpet fibers, hiding out of sight. Cleaners that are made for pets will often have motorized beaters. They have thick bristles that dig into the fibers to remove pet hair and keep your carpets looking great.

Drying Function

A built-in dryer is not necessary. However, it can significantly improve the cleaning experience. After wet cleaning, it may take several hours for your carpets to dry up. During this time, you must keep your pet and family off.

With a heated drying feature, you cut back on drying times significantly. The heater will evaporate moisture as you glide the cleaner over the carpet. It's safe, effective, and very convenient.


The best carpet cleaning machines for pet stains will keep your home fresh and pristine. Instead of dealing with strong odors and lasting stains that constantly remind you of your pet's accident, you can make it look like nothing happened at all. Having a solid carpet cleaning machine on hand will keep you prepared for any messes that may happen.

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