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Top 7 Best Toys for Blind Dogs

Whether your canine companion was already blind when you adopted them or you have an older pooch that is starting to experience some visual impairments, the key to helping them thrive is to adapt their lifestyles to their unique handicap. Visual impairments are not easy to adapt to. Like humans, dogs rely heavily on their vision […]

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Male Dog Neutering Aftercare: The Road to Recovery till Removing the Cone

Neutering is an essential part of modern dog ownership. Unless you plan on breeding your pup, it’s recommended that you complete this procedure as soon as your dog reaches the appropriate age. Neutering can help control the pet population while also avoiding potential health issues in the future. It can also help remove aggressive behavior and […]

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Why Does My Dog Pee on My Bed?

If your dog urinates on your bed, you’re not alone. This behavior, while rather alarming, is not all that uncommon. Many dog owners have successfully dealt with the problem at hand, so there’s still hope! The key to tackling this behavior head-on is to understand what’s causing it. Unfortunately dogs aren’t able to communicate the same […]

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