Top 180 Pitbull Dog Names: From Male to Female & Badass to Cute

Last Updated: February 28, 2023

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Finding that perfect name for your dog is often easier said than done. It's a big decision that you should definitely put some thought into. You'll be saying this name every single day, in a range of different emotions and inflections.

Not only that, but the name you choose is something that your four-legged friend will be responding to their entire life.

If you're adopting an energetic Pit Bull, the name you choose holds even more weight. Pit Bulls have a bit of a sordid reputation. While attitudes towards the breed are certainly changing, there are still a lot of people who fear these lovable creatures.

As a result, many Pit Bull owners go with a name that breaks stereotypes and reflects their canine companion's unique personality.

Pitbull listens to someone saying his name

If you're unsure about what to name your Pit Bull, you're in luck! Here's a selection of great name ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Male Pit Bull Names

Gendered names are a great option for any dog. They sound natural in conversations and let people know whether your dog is a male or female. There are plenty of great options for male names.

Most male names feel strong, masculine, and athletic. You can utilize a name that's typically used for people or go with a more unique name that represents your pup's playful personality.

1. Buddy

2. Chase

3. Gizmo

4. Grover

5. Duke

6. Rocky

7. Diesel

8. Bentley

9. Bruno

10. Chance

11. Tucker

12. Buster

13. Toby

14. Doc

15. Fonzi

16. Kahn

17. Spot

18. Gauge

19. Mack

20. Rex

21. Harley

22. Carter

23. Charlie

24. Bear

25. Tyke

26. Chevy

27. Leo

28. Scooter

29. Macho

30. Maverick

31. Spike

32. Oliver

33. Teddy

34. Lucky

35. Legend

36. Doby

37. Razor

38. Ace

39. Homer

40. Drake

41. Bandit

42. King

43. Prince

44. Rusty

45. Uno

46. Mars

47. Yogi

48. Zak

49. X-Ray

50. Alfie

Female Pit Bull Names

Typically, female Pit Bull names are gentle and delicate. With their muscular bodies and somewhat menacing stance, many people automatically assume that all Pit Bulls are aggressive and mean.

With a feminine name for your Pit Bull, you can convey your pup's softer side.

1. Princess

2. Bella

3. Luna

4. Queen

5. Apple

6. Vixen

7. Daisy

8. Mia

9. Trinity

10. Destiny

11. Dixie

12. Stella

13. Baby

14. Grace

15. Roxy

16. Lola

17. Zoey

18. Faith

19. Spice

20. Marley

21. Poppy

22. Rose

23. Violet

24. Sugar

25. Diva

26. Iggy

27. Ally

28. Candy

29. Daphne

30. Iris

31. Layla

32. Macy

33. Paige

34. Sasha

35. Twinkle

36. Crystal

37. Abby

38. Star

39. Venus

40. Mona

41. Xena

42. Yara

43. Nala

44. Belle

45. Pretty

46. Jade

47. Ari

48. Misty

49. Yvie

50. Gypsy

Badass Pit Bull Names

There is no dog that's more badass than the Pit Bull. These dogs look tough and have a fierce loyalty to their owners. Many people fear Pit Bulls already, so why stoke those flames even further with a badass name?

Whether you name your dog after a powerful mythical creature or use a word that just sounds cool to say, you won't regret your decision.

1. Zeus

2. Mayhem

3. Devil

4. Chompers

5. Athena

6. Fang

7. Killer

8. Beast

9. Tank

10. Jaws

Cute Pit Bull Names

Maybe your dog's personality is on the softer side. In that case, a cutesy name will do them well. These names are a great way to show off your dog's loving attitude while naming them something that most people wouldn't expect a Pit Bull to be called.

1. Bubbles

2. Cupid

3. Darling

4. Waffles

5. Honey

6. Pickle

7. Sweetie

8. Peanut

9. Cookie

10. Rascal

Cool Pit Bull Names

A cool name doesn't just reflect your dog's personality, but also your own. These names are unique and help your dog stand out from the crowd.

1. Phoenix

2. Raven

3. Juno

4. Blitz

5. Rogue

6. Dragon

7. Gizmo

8. Sabre

9. Aero

10. Storm

Black and White Pit Bull Names

One great naming technique is to use your dog's appearance for inspiration. Pit Bulls can be born in a range of colors and fur patterns. Black and white varieties are visually striking. They're a bit rarer than full black or brown Pit Bulls, so you can use their own uniqueness to your advantage.

1. Domino

2. Oreo

3. Pepper

4. Patches

5. Galaxy

6. Snoopy

7. Mickey

8. Freckles

9. Tux

10. Checkers

Strong Male Dog Names for Pit Bulls

There are many great names to display your dog's strength and athleticism. They already have the looks and attitudes to back up it up. A strong name will be the icing on the cake. Here are some ideas for strong male names.

1. Blade

2. Hercules

3. Axel

4. Brick

5. Jet

6. Ryder

7. Pistol

8. Warden

9. Fury

10. Thor

Tough Female Pit Bull Names

If a cute and feminine name just doesn't match your female Pit Bull's personality, there are plenty of tougher alternatives.

These names are inspired by powerful female figures, letting everyone know that your Pit Bull is not to be messed with.

1. Hera

2. Khaleesi

3. Sheeba

4. Cleo

5. Banshee

6. Valkyrie

7. Zelda

8. Kitana

9. Ivy

10. Arya

Funny Pit Bull Names

Despite their looks, Pit Bulls are very fun to be around. At the end of the day, they're just big goofballs who want to have fun. You can show this trait off with a quirky name. The moment your dog flashes that silly smile in your direction, you'll know that a funny name was the right way to go.

1. Goof

2. Spud

3. Smiley

4. Noodle

5. Marbles

6. Furball

7. Scrappy

8. Beans

9. Barkley

10. Buttercup

Classic Pit Bull Names

If none of the previous names quite do it for you, consider a classic name. These names have been used for decades. They're familiar, easy to remember, and great for any Pit Bull regardless of their personality.

1. Dash

2. Fido

3. Champ

4. Scout

5. Billie

6. Dot

7. Scamp

8. Otis

9. Shiloh

10. Cliff

Popular Pit Bull Naming Trends

There are a few different trends you'll see among the Pit Bull community. Many owners opt for names that reflect their dog's personality and physical characteristics. As a result, names like Tank, Rocky, and Hercules are very common.

Pit Bulls look tough, so a tough-sounding name makes perfect sense for these dogs.

On the other side of the spectrum, some owners choose to go with a name that's wildly different than what some people would expect. Pit Bulls do have a bad reputation in the media. Even today, there are people out there that will get scared at the very sight of a Pit Bull.

To combat these negative connotations, some loving owners choose cutesy names.

Another common trend is to pull inspiration from their fur and face color. There are many different Pit Bull varieties. You'll find black Pit Bulls with names like Shadow or Midnight. White Pit Bulls often have names like Ghost, Cloud, or Snow.

Brown varieties may have names like Brownie, Coco, or Chocolate. Some owners even use the color of their dog's nose to get ideas! For example, one of the most common names for blue-nosed pits is simply Blu. The possibilities are quite endless.

Pit Bull Naming Advice

Choosing the right name for your dog doesn't have to be difficult. Just pay close attention to their personality. Pull inspiration from the things they do, how they look, and their overall demeanor. Before you know it, you'll come with a fitting name that sounds natural. 

Remember, your Pit Bull doesn't care what you call them. They have no idea what their name means, so choose something that you enjoy saying.

With that being said, you need to keep things simple. Avoid lengthy names with a lot of syllables. They're more difficult for your dog to remember. Also, stay away from names that sound similar to any training commands you might give. The last thing you want your dog to do is to sit down or roll over anytime you call their name.

It's a good idea to test out potential names before you commit to them. You may choose a name that sounds cool in your head, only to end up sounding ridiculous anytime you use it in context.

Say some commands out loud and see how they roll off your tongue. If the name is easy to say and sounds great, you may have found your winner.


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