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Why are Huskies so Vocal?

You’ve probably stumbled across a video of a Husky that’s howling like it’s back in the icy climate with his pack. Maybe also a video of a small puppy learning his first ‘awoo’ from a human.If you wish to understand what your Husky is trying to tell you, just keep reading!Reasons Behind the Vocality of […]

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Younger Dog Attacking Older Dog..? 7 Possible Reasons

You’re probably here seeking help because you were standing in utter disbelief as your ‘cute’ younger hound was barking their lungs out at your older dog initiating a doggo version of ‘World War III’. But if you’ve got nothing to do with dogs and just-here-for-some-info, welcome, and consider yourself lucky.To be frank, inter-canine aggression doesn’t represent […]

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Why do Dogs Wink at You ..?

It’s no doubt that dogs and humans have developed ways to communicate without saying a word. Sure, we may use vocal commands and hand gestures during the training process. However, physical behaviors and quirky actions can say just as much. It won’t take long for new owners to start picking up on these little physical cues […]

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