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What Does it Mean When a Dog Licks Your Hand Constantly?
Have a dog with a penchant for licking hands? You're not alone! Canines rely heavily on their senses of touch,[...]
7 Best Dog Foods for Cocker Spaniels
The Cocker Spaniel is an endearing dog with a long and illustrious history. Often associated with royalty and noble families[...]
How Big Will My Dog Get?
Having a new puppy in your home can be a great joy. Puppies are so full of life and ready[...]
What Temperature is Too Hot to Walk a Dog? & Tips for Walking in Hot Weather
There's nothing better than spending a day soaking up the sun with your canine companion! Most dog owners are quick[...]
Do Dogs Remember Their Mothers & Siblings?
Whether you bought your dog from a breeder or adopted them from a shelter, there's a good chance that it[...]
Puppy Schedule: Setting up a Daily Routine for New Puppies
Bringing your furry bundle of joy home for the first time can be an exciting experience. There's so much to[...]