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7 Best Dog Colognes and Deodorants (plus homemade DIY spray)
Regular bathing and grooming are essential for dogs of any size or breed. Not only does it keep them grime-free,[...]
How to Stop a Dog From Jumping or Climbing the Fence
You would think that a tall fence would be enough to stop a dog from getting through to the other[...]
Yellow Dog Poop: 5 Possible Causes
Dealing with dog poop is an everyday occurrence for dog owners. While many people balk at the idea of having[...]
Getting a Second Dog: Pros and Cons .. Would Your Dog Be Happier?
When you have a dog, it's just you and them against the world! Dogs are perfectly fine when it's just[...]
7 Luxury Dog Kennels and Crates to Pamper your Pooch & Style your Home
Tired of unsightly wire or plastic kennels? You're not alone! Kennels have a lot to offer both owners and dogs.[...]
7 Possible Reasons Why Your Dog Stares at the Wall
Ever walk into a room to find your dog aimlessly staring at a wall? Of all the interesting things in[...]