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Can Dogs Eat Apples?

Generally, dog owners should avoid giving their dog any human food. While many often slip their furry friend a rogue piece of meat as a treat every now and again, regular feedings of food made for human consumption can be detrimental to a dog’s health. But what about natural ingredients like apples? Widely enjoyed and […]

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Top 5 Best Dog Foods for Pitbulls

Pitbulls are active and energetic dogs known for their muscular build. While these dogs do have a unique history of aggression, modern Pitbulls are lovable pets that have adapted to domestic lifeTechnically speaking, there are multiple different dog breeds that fall under the umbrella moniker of “Pitbulls,” inlcuding the American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bulldog, and […]

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Best Dog Food for Labradors

Labradors are one of the most popular dog breeds around. They originated in the United Kingdom and Canada and have gone on to be prized for a variety of reasons. Modern Labs are known for being great house pets and therapy dogs for those with disabilities.When it comes to feeding a Labrador Retriever, owners may […]

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Top 5 Best Dog Foods for Shelties

Shelties are small dogs known for their beauty and bright personality. Officially called the Shetland Sheepdog, they were originally bred as herding dogs, so these pups are very active and intelligent by nature.Today, Shelties are considered to be energetic lap dogs that serve as lovable companions. With that being said, these dogs need proper nutrition […]

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What is the Best Dog Food for English Bulldogs?

English Bulldogs are a unique breed with special care requirements. Originating in England, they were used for fighting and sport. However, today’s English Bulldogs are passive animals that will spend more time lounging around than performing vigorous activities.Known for their distinct appearance, these dogs are lovable pets for any family. With that being said, their […]

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What is the Best Dog Food for Yorkies?

Yorkies are a pint-sized dog breed that’s perfect for any family. They’re fun and active, but their small stature requires a proper diet to keep them healthy.Smaller dog breeds require less food intake than larger breeds, so it’s imperative that they eat high-quality foods that provide them with all of the nutrition they need.Generally, Yorkies […]

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