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Malamute Puppy: 12 Things to Know before Getting an Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamutes are beautiful dogs that have a long and illustrious history. Today, they’re revered for their beauty and unique personalities. When most people encounter these dogs, they’re immediately met with a playful attitude and affection.With their appearance on many popular television shows and movies, more and more people are seeking to adopt Alaskan Malamute […]

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When Do Yorkies Stop Growing?

Yorkshire Terriers, also simply referred to as Yorkies, are lovable pups that are known for their small stature. As a full grown adult, most only have a shoulder height of approximately eight to nine inches.With their petite size, it can be difficult to keep track of how they grow and develop.  Yorkies tend to grow […]

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Best Doormats for Dogs w/ Dirty Feet

Let’s face it, dogs are dirty creatures. Regardless of breed or size, most dogs would give anything to run through a mud puddle. If you’ve ever let your dog out on a rainy day, you’ve probably had to deal with muddy paw prints on your floors. It’s just a natural part of dog ownership. However,There are […]

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