7 Best Dog Grooming Shears: Trimming & Thinning Hair Like a Professional

Last Updated: May 9, 2023

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If you have a long-haired dog, trips to the groomer are likely a regular occurrence. Many dog breeds require constant grooming to prevent their coats from looking unkempt.

Long and scraggly fur is also prone to matting and tangles, which are never fun for you or your dog to deal with. Grooming is just a fact of life with these lovable furballs!

But what if you could take care of the job at home?

Using professional Grooming Shears to trim a dog

Let's face it, trips to a professional groomer aren't cheap. Plus, many dogs experience anxiety when put in the hands of a stranger with sharp objects! Keeping your pooch trim and coifed at home is much easier on your dog.

Grooming your dog isn't as difficult as you think. All you need are the right tools! High-quality grooming shears can make all the difference. They let you get the job done quickly and efficiently while getting the same results you would from a professional.

Canine grooming shears offer a lot of value. But, you have to choose the right one for your pup. We've rounded up a collection of shears and sets you can use to beautify your pooch at home.

7 of the Best Dog Grooming Shears to Trim Dogs Like a Pro

1. Sharf Gold Touch Straight Pet Grooming Shear

Sharf Gold Touch Straight Pet Grooming Shear

Made of hard Japanese stainless steel, these shears can last for decades with proper care. The material holds up well to repeated use. Plus, it stays sharp to provide smooth cutting power.

These shears are straight and offer great precision. They're available in three different sizes. You can get the smallest 6.5-inch model for detail work around delicate areas and the larger 8.5-inch model for parts of your dog with denser fur.

For comfort, the shears come with removable rubber rings. There's also a tension adjustment knob. The knob is operational with your fingers, so there's no need to whip out the screwdriver to loosen or tighten the tool.

2. Andis Premium Straight Shear, 6.25", Left Handed

Andis Premium Straight Shear, 6.25", Left Handed

From Andis, these shears are perfect for smaller dogs or those with fine fur. Measuring only 6.25 inches long, the scissors offer great control. You can make delicate cuts safely and with confidence! This particular model is made for lefthanded groomers. A righthanded version is available, too.

The reason this matter is because the shears have offset handles. One handle is located lower and farther back than the other. This makes it more comfortable to use during bigger grooming jobs. The handles are made from durable plastic. Andis also throws in some soft-grip rubber rings for added comfort.

3. Kenchii Scorpion 8" Straight Pro Dog Grooming Shear

Kenchii Scorpion 8" Straight Pro Dog Grooming Shear

These shears from Scorpion are beautifully made. Crafted out of Japanese stainless steel, the scissors are also ultra-durable. The material is strong and stays sharp for years of smooth cutting.

The entire tool is crafted out of the metal. This includes the handles. While no rubber rings are included, the handles are offset for better comfort. The upper handle even has a small curved loop to rest another finger on. That extra finger adds tons of stability for making delicate cuts.

The center of the fulcrum features a tension adjustment knob. The finger knob is purple and features Scorpion's logo for an added touch of class.

Thinning Shears

4. Sharf Gold Touch 42-Tooth Professional Dog Thinning Scissors

Sharf Gold Touch 42-Tooth Professional Dog Thinning Scissors, 6.5-in

Like Sharf's straight shears, this thinning model is made of high-quality Japanese stainless steel. It's also sporting rubber handle rings and a tension adjustment knob.

Both of the blades on this tool are thick and durable. One blade is straight while the other features deep teeth for controlled cutting. The teeth have a forked design. Each tip has two smaller teeth cut into it. This unique design provides a very smooth finish.

The shears work wonders against tangles and mats. They also help you get a seamless finish even if you don't have a ton of grooming experience.

5. Andis Premium Thinning Shear

Andis Premium Thinning Shear, 6.5"

Available in both lefthand and righthand configurations, these thinning shears are very comfortable to use. They're sporting an offset plastic handle that's easy on the hands. The contoured curves of the upper handle also provide some extra stability while you're cutting.

The thinning shears measure 6.5 inches long. That's a good moderate length that balances control and cutting power well. You can use the shears on delicate areas around the face. However, the shears also work well in larger areas to cut out some of that bulk.


6. Sharf Gold Touch 7.5" Straight & 6.5" Thinning Scissors Pet Grooming Shear Kit

Sharf Gold Touch 7.5" Straight & 6.5" Thinning Scissors Pet Grooming Shear Kit

With this set from Sharf, you can perform a beautiful grooming job in no time! It features both of the Sharf scissors we went over earlier. The set comes with the 7.5-inch straight model and the 6.5-inch thinning shears.

The attractive tools utilize the same Japanese stainless steel. There also have the gold-colored accents on the tension adjustment knob and rubber finger rings.

You can keep your tools organized and protected with the included case. The case is padded and uses elastic straps to keep your tools secure.

7. LILYS PET Professional PET Dog Grooming Coated Titanium Scissors Suit

LILYS PET Professional PET Dog Grooming Coated Titanium Scissors Suit Cutting&Curved&Thinning Shears

The LILYS PET set is one that you will want to have on full display. Each individual pair of shears is made out of colored stainless steel. You can get attractive colors like purple, blue, gold, or rainbow. The material isn't just beautiful, it's also tough. The shears have a titanium coating for added strength.

There are a total of four shears included. You're getting standard straight shears, thinning shears, and two curved shears. One curved shear points up while the other points down for greater control. The set is available in a few different sizes, so you can get shears that work for your dog's coat.

What Kinds of Grooming Shears Are Available

The trickiest part of grooming your dog like a professional is understanding what types of tools are available to you. While they may look similar, there is a range of different shear designs available. Each one cuts a bit differently.

In most cases, you're going to use a few different shears during a single grooming session. Once you understand how they work, you can use the shears strategically to transition between different parts of the body.

The final result will be a clean-looking dog that looks like they came straight from the groomers.

Here are the most common shears most dog owners will need.

Straight Shears

Straight shears are a good universal option. We recommend having at least one pair of straight scissors on hand.

As you can probably guess, these shears feature straight sharp blades that can cut through hair like butter. They can handle pretty much any type of hair texture or density. Plus, you can use them on any part of your dog's body.

They're multi-purpose tools. Technically speaking, you can get the entire job done with a single pair of straight scissors. But, having other designs may make things easier. More on that later!

Short vs. Long Straight Shears

You'll come across several scissor sizes. The length of the blades does affect the performance of the shears. If your pup has thin hair, you may fair better with smaller scissors that measure between 5.5 and 6.5 inches.

The two individual components are shorter, requiring less work. This results in a more comfortable cutting experience for you. There's no difference in cutting performance, but shorter scissors will provide better control around delicate areas.

Dogs with medium coats, thick hair, or double-coats of fur will need longer scissors. Long shears measure 7.5 to 8.5 inches. The benefit long shears provide is more cutting efficiency. You can cut off more hair in a single slice compared to smaller tools.

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Curved Scissors

Want to sculpt the hair around your dog's face? If so, you will need curved scissors. It's difficult to get a professional-quality finish with straight scissors.

Curved tools let you cut fluidly. Instead of rough jagged edges, you can trim off facial hair and give your dog that teddy-bear look.


Blenders are exactly what they sound like. These are shears that are specifically designed to blend different sections and create a smooth finish.

A blender shear has a very unique design. One end is straight and sharp like standard scissors. But, the other one features teeth.

This design limits the amount of hair that's getting cut. You won't be able to cut a clean straight line. However, that's not what these shears are for. You can use them along transitional areas to blend different lengths into one.

The great thing about blenders is that they're very forgiving. If you make a mistake, you won't be able to tell in most cases. You can continue to cut the same area to perfect the transition.

Thinning Shears

Thinning shears are largely the same thing. However, some professional-grade thinning shears feature teeth on both blades.

Either way, thinning shears work well for creating transitions and an overall smooth appearance. But, the main job of a thinning shear is to take off some bulk.

If your dog's coat is super-dense, you can use the shears to thin the hair out and make your dog more comfortable. It's great for summertime haircuts!

Features to Look For When Buying Grooming Shears

Beyond the core design of the shears, there are a few considerations to make while shopping. The goal is to pick shears that are safe for your dog, comfortable for you, and efficient in grooming your dog.

Rounded Tips

There's a good chance that your dog is going to be moving around while you groom. The last thing you want is to accidentally poke your dog while cutting.

While you must exercise caution at all times, there's one feature that can provide some extra peace of mind.

Many shears feature a rounded tip. The tip doesn't affect cutting performance in any way. However, it removes the sharp end to decrease the chances of injury should you poke your dog.

High-Quality Materials

Cheap shears made out of low-quality metals won't last you very long. Not only that, but they poorly-made shears can rust and dull pretty fast.

The best material for the blades is going to be stainless steel. Many high-end shears even have titanium coating to add even more durability.

Pay attention to the material on the handles, too. Some tools will use plastic, which is fine. Plastic is more affordable and holds up pretty well. However, premium shears will use the same metal as the blade. They're forged as one, which eliminates the risk of the handles falling off.

Comfortable Handle Design

Speaking of handles, it's a good idea to get tools that are comfortable to use. Lengthy grooming sessions with poor-quality shears will hurt your hands in minutes.

One way that manufacturers make the scissors more comfortable is by using offset handles. The handles are strategically placed to accommodate the movement of your hand.

You might also see removable finger rings. They slip into the finger holes to prevent any uncomfortable abrasion.

Adjustment Screws

Finally, look out for shears with tension screws. Located on the fulcrum of the scissors, these screws let you fine-tune the tension to get things just right. If the scissors are difficult to open and close, just loosen up the screw for a more comfortable cutting experience.


You don't have to spend an arm and a leg to keep your pooch looking clean. With the right tools, you can trim your pup's coat from home! It's a great bonding experience and will make your dog feel much more comfortable with the process.

As long as you have some high-quality shears, you shouldn't have any issues making your dog the most well-groomed pup on the block!


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