Does Lowes Allow Dogs: How Dog Friendly is Lowes Pet Policy?

Last Updated: October 26, 2021

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Whether you have a young puppy or an adult dog set in its ways, socialization and human interaction are always a plus!

Finding a suitable place to bring your dog isn't easy! Dogs of any breed can become a real liability. You've likely read horror stories about dog attacks in public places. Thanks to those situations, corporations, and their insurance companies are starting to take a good hard look at pet policies.

Unfortunately, there aren't too many stores that allow dogs these days.

The go-to for most dog owners is Lowes! 

Lowes front entrance

On paper, Lowes is the perfect place to bring your dog. The aisles are massive, and there's plenty of extra space to navigate without making your pup feel cramped. Plus, the floors are all concrete, making it easy to clean up any accidents.

You might have seen several dogs on your last trip to Lowes. Many dog owners assume that it's alright to do, turning the store into somewhat of a canine haven in some areas.

But does Lowes have an official policy on the matter? Or are you only seeing over-zealous dog owners who ignore the rules?

It turns out that Lowes has a pretty murky stance on allowing dogs inside their stores.

What the "Official" Lowes Dog Policy Says

Lowes reportedly has an official dog policy, but it's nearly impossible to find on the website. For this reason, it's unclear if the retail juggernaut has a company-wide policy.

We can assume that it does. But like many other retail chains, exact rules might differ from store to store.

There are a few ways to get more information about your store's official policy. If you visit the Lowes website, you can perform a store search by zip code or city.

Once you find yours, you'll notice some "store features."

This section provides brief information about what you can expect during your visit.

For example, you might see specialty departments or services that not every location offers.

The page even provides information about top-selling products. Of course, there are also hours and basic contact information.

Take a look through the page, and you might see a "Dog-Friendly" label. Those two words indicate that the store does allow dogs to enter. But what kinds of dogs are allowed?

Dog friendly store label

For that, you'll have to dig a little deeper. You can call the store for clarification or take a look a the entrance door for more guidance.

Every Lowes store should have official policy information right next to the sliding glass doors. Typically, it says something along the lines of:

Leashed, harnessed, or carried service dogs and other animals are permitted.

Lowes's current policy is that service animals are allowed to accompany shoppers. They must be well-behaved and under your control.

Dogs cannot roam free, and owners are fully responsible for the dogs' behavior and actions. Owners must clean up after them as well.

Does That Mean Non-Service Dogs Aren't Allowed?

We know what you're thinking: You've definitely seen non-service animals in Lowes before! There's no way that the pampered pooch in the sweater you saw is certified, right?

Well, here's where things get confusing.

The official policy is to allow genuine service dogs into the store. When you think about the risks involved, those rules make sense.

High-profile dog attacks in recent years have made companies wary. One particularly gruesome attack against a young boy occurred inside a Lowes store.

Attacks can happen, but they are relatively rare in the grand scheme of things. For this reason, it seems that policy enforcement is entirely up to management.

Dog Policy Enforcement

There's no way to know how strict a store is about the company policy. Your best bet is to talk to an employee ahead of time.

Ultimately, it's up to the store's management team.

According to some current and former employees who spoke on the matter, some store managers are laxer than others.

Lowes store inside

So many people bring their dogs into Lowes stores that it's unreasonable to ask every shopper for proper documentation.

As a result, many stores simply check that the dog is restrained and well-behaved.

As long as they're not causing any trouble, these stores have no problem with your dog accompanying you on your shopping trip.

In fact, some Lowes stores are so welcoming that employees often keep treats in their pockets to greet pups as they come in!

As a whole, Lowes clearly cares about dogs and tries to be as welcoming as possible.

The company even hired a veteran and his service dog to work at a store in 2016!

However, the acceptance of non-service dogs is hit or miss. It all depends on the location and the store's management team.

Should You Bring Fido?

We always recommend calling ahead and getting some clarity before you bring your pooch inside a Lowes store. As frustrating as it is, dog-friendliness varies from one location to the next.

The last thing you want to do is tie your pup outside as you shop.

To avoid mishaps like that, don't be afraid to ask! As dog owners, we want nothing more than to bring our canine companions everywhere. But, rules are in place for a reason.

If store management deems non-service dogs too risky to allow inside, respect the policy and leave your pup home.


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