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Why are Huskies so Vocal?

You’ve probably stumbled across a video of a Husky that’s howling like it’s back in the icy climate with his pack. Maybe also a video of a small puppy learning his first ‘awoo’ from a human.If you wish to understand what your Husky is trying to tell you, just keep reading!Reasons Behind the Vocality of […]

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Younger Dog Attacking Older Dog..? 7 Possible Reasons

You’re probably here seeking help because you were standing in utter disbelief as your ‘cute’ younger hound was barking their lungs out at your older dog initiating a doggo version of ‘World War III’. But if you’ve got nothing to do with dogs and just-here-for-some-info, welcome, and consider yourself lucky.To be frank, inter-canine aggression doesn’t represent […]

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